On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s going on in tech.

Billionaire entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel gave a speech explaining his continued support of Donald Trump today in Washington.

Speaking of Thiel, a ruling in Palantir vs. the U.S. Army (over the company supposedly being blocked from competing for a contract) is expected today. (Bloomberg)

ICYMI: Tesla unveiled its vision for solar roofs Friday.

Alphabet brings in new head for Google Fiber unit. (Bloomberg)

The music industry has a new, growing problem: pirated CDs that are sold online, cost nearly as much as and are hard to distinguish from the real thing. (WSJ)

CenturyLink to buy Level 3 Communications for about $24 billion. (Reuters)

Airbnb is now asking users to sign a community commitment not to engage in discrimination, as part of its previously announced effort to combat racism in its platform.

The Obama administration is pledging more than $2 million to train coal miners to pilot drones. (White House announcement)

Apple is killing off its startup chime, at least on the MacBook Pro. (Mashable)


Photo: Peter Thiel. (Courtesy of Founders Fund)


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