Pot delivery startup Eaze smokes competition with $13 million in funding

Call it the Uber for weed.

San Francisco-based medical marijuana delivery startup Eaze has raised $13 million in a series B funding round, making it the fastest-growing and most funded cannabis tech company in the world, the company said Monday. Launched in 2014, Eaze has raised a total of $25 million and operates in nearly 100 California cities.

“In an incredibly short period of time, Eaze has led the charge into an industry projected to grow from $7 billion this year to $50 billion by 2026,” David Chao, general partner at DCM Ventures, which invested in the round, wrote in a news release.

The concept of Eaze is simple: Order the bud you want from your smartphone, wait while Eaze connects you to a local dispensary, and see the product delivered to your door in as little as 15 minutes. Users can browse Eaze’s online menu for products such as “Bubba Kush” ($31 for 1/8 oz) and “Granddaddy Purple” ($43 for 1/8 oz), or they can opt for marijuana-infused chocolate bars and pre-rolled joints.

For now the service is available only to patrons with medical marijuana cards (which they can obtain online for $30 after a video call with a doctor). But that might change next month when California votes on Proposition 64, which would make recreational marijuana legal in the state.

“This is a critical time for the marijuana industry,” Eaze CEO Keith McCarty wrote in a statement. “Adult use is on the precipice of becoming legal in California, the largest marijuana market in the United States. Platforms like Eaze that are setting a new standard for accessibility, safety, and professionalism are best positioned to educate and service the future market.”

But marijuana tech startups continue to face risks not felt by their peers in other fields, including grappling with the fact that the drug is not legal at the federal level. In San Jose the legal delivery of medicinal marijuana is a brand-new concept — the city council voted last week to allow sanctioned businesses to deliver.

Photo: In this Dec. 5, 2013 file photo, marijuana matures at the Medicine Man dispensary and grow operation in northeast Denver. (Ed Andrieski/AP)


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  • Socrates Descartes

    How do I get a job with Eaze…? 😉

  • Joe_public_USA

    You can hire Malia Obama she loves smoking dope!

  • Mark Todd

    congradulations on a great business and a great service.

  • Please make it safer using a safe delivery system and optimal formulations.

  • proudbayman

    Free the Weed!

  • eb cord

    I live in PA. I could make money growing in the business. I am mad

  • eb cord

    why every time government gets in it, it’s expensive?

    see all this crap talk about being free etc. all lies.

    I should be able to grow this stuff like I do Tomatoes

    1/8for $30???? ROBBERY

    same with owning my House. I lose it if I don’t pay local/school taxes. few countries in the world screw over their citizens like that.
    And age limit, who cars age 75? F U we’re taking your house because you did not pay the school tax for the little kids you un-American gummer. oh and by the way, if you have to skip paying for prescriptions to pay for your neighbors kids to attend school TOUGH SHEET Old timer.

    I don’t hear Trump or Clinton or anyone talking about that, why’s that?

    • CobraPilot

      “few countries in the world screw over their citizens like that.”…yeah, 3rd world countries where people don’t pay their taxes.

  • Tony Bellamy

    Pizza delivery guys get mugged now and then. Whoever delivers pot is in for a world of hurt! I think I would rather deliver pizza!

    • BillStewart2012

      There are a bunch of pot delivery services that advertise in the local weeklies. At least you don’t have to worry about getting there in 10 minutes before the product gets cold, and your customers would probably be more relaxed than somebody who wants their pizza now. We’ll have to wait for legalization before you can get both delivered at once.

  • romper20

    Eaze is good they have been around a few years. They used to be a lot more expensive and had less product. Now I feel they are starting to connect the dots. Love the and edibles. Heres a coupon, $60 credit using code “ichtay”on their site.