Tim Cook for Veep? Hillary Clinton was reportedly considering it

There’s long been a great sloshing back-and-forth of talent between Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C.

The San Francisco Bay Area ships out tech digerati to help the government fix its problems while the Capital spits back out its seasoned strategists who then come west to help companies like Apple and Uber play better ball with the lawmakers back east.

Now comes word from an email supposedly stolen from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta and leaked by WikiLeaks that the presidential candidate once had her eyes on some of the tech world’s shining stars, starting with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

In the email, which was dispatched at 5:21 p.m. on March 17, 2016, Podesta broke down a list of possible candidates for the Veep job, breaking the names down into “rough food groups.” These folks, he wrote, were a “first cut of people to consider for VP.”

The email went to hdr29@hrcoffice.com, which is reportedly a good place to reach Hillary these days.

The “first cut” list also included Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, and an assortment of top-drawer names broken down apparently by race, gender, political personality and other categories.

And there, sitting at number four in the alphabetically arranged group of the tech food group, was Cook. (Apple said Tuesday morning it had no comment.)

In the email, which you can read here, Podesta congratulates Clinton on “a fabulous night” and then tells her he’s ready to “get back to the longer term again,” apparently referring to the find-a-good-veep project. He said he was working with legal staff to “get prepared to execute non-disclosure agreements with anyone we involve in the process. We put together the attached notional teams of “report writers” (confidential profiles/public record vet) and “vettors” (deep-dive/oppo-book), and want to run it by you before we execute on the list.

“Let me know,” he wrote, “if there are people you would like to see added or removed before we begin the process.” And he said he and his staffers also “did a first cut of people to consider for VP. I have organized names in rough food groups:”

Here’s the list, separated by others of like mind or like gender (the first batch) or like whatever:

Tammy Baldwin
Kirsten Gillibrand
Amy Klobuchar
Claire McKaskill
Jeanne Shaheen
Debbie Stabenow
Elizabeth Warren

Michael Bennet
Sherrod Brown
Martin Heinreich
Tim Kaine
Terry McAuliffe
Chris Murphy
Tom Vilsack

Steve Benjamin
Corey Booker
Andrew Gillum
Eric Holder
Deval Patrick
Kasim Reed
Anthony Foxx

John Allen
Bill McCraven
Mike Mullen

Mary Barra
Michael Bloomberg
Ursula Burns
Tim Cook
Bill Gates
Melinda Gates
Muhtar Kent
Judith Rodin
Howard Schultz

And last but certainly not least, there was one more veep candidate that Podesta wanted his boss to consider, a guy so cool he had his very own food group all to himself:

Bernie Sanders

Photo: Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during an Apple event in San Francisco in 2015. (Eric Risberg/AP)


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  • Lance Sjogren

    Clinton made the perfect pick for VP. Someone even more unlikeable than her, which is quite a feat. Someone who’s never accomplished anything in his life and is a mindless partisan hack.

    Perfect pick for the funeral attender in chief.

  • darkfinger

    It stuns me that anyone would think that Cook would even consider a thankless job like that.

  • Cheap & Nothing Wasted

    There are still far too many people that would have instantly opposed her for picking a gay man.
    If his name was on the list, it was just for show, as were most of the other names!