Google looking into buying Twitter, says report

Google has hired the financial advisory firm Lazard to review possibly purchasing Twitter, Bloomberg reports.

Twitter’s shares, after sliding downhill from its peak of $69 in 2014, were up more than 4 percent Monday to $24.05.

The list of possible Twitter suitors includes, Disney, Microsoft and Viacom.

Google, whose parent company is Alphabet, may make the most sense given that it has long struggled to create a popular social media platform.

As Queenie Wong noted, interest in Twitter as an acquisition target picked up this summer when Microsoft bought LinkedIn.

Twitter received interest from Salesforce and hired Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Allen & Co. to help with a potential deal, Bloomberg reported.

Although Twitter has struggled to increase its user base in the era of Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp, it still has a lot to offer a potential buyer. There are 313 million monthly active Twitter users. The platform has become a critical tool for commenting on real-time news and events.

But Salesforce’s interest in the company has baffled most observers. As I wrote in a column, Salesforce’s CEO Marc Benioff has long been a Twitter admirer and user:

It is hard to find a way that Salesforce buying Twitter makes sense except love.

Love of Twitter, for its real-time platform, its 24/7 river of opinions and news, its 10-year history of being the place many go to talk when something happens in their cities or in the world.

In May, Twitter shares were trading at close to $14. With rumors of a possible sale, Twitter’s stock has nearly doubled, making an acquisition more expensive.

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Photo: Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO. (Dai Sugano/Bay Area News Group)


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