Watch: Man smashes iPhones at Apple Store in France

Mon dieu. Talk about taking Apple-bashing to a whole new level.

A man has been arrested after going into an Apple Store in France and smashing about a dozen iPhones and other products with a ball as other customers and store employees looked on.

French publications including Le Bien Public report that the man was upset about a “repayment problem” and, wearing a glove on one hand, proceeded to destroy products sitting on three tables in the store in Dijon shortly before 1 p.m. Thursday. The ball in his hand looked to be what the French call boule, which might be used for bocce or a similar game.

Another publication, Le Journal, reports that prosecutors pegged the damage at 50,000 euros.

There’s a roughly three-minute-long video of the reported incident on YouTube. It shows the man talking to whoever is filming — my French is rusty, but he sounded a bit upset — and ends with the man being chased down by security at the shopping center. Le Bien Public reports that he is in custody at a police station in Dijon.


Photo at top: The Apple logo hangs on the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue on August 5, 2015 in New York City. In an Apple Store in France this week, things didn’t look so sunny. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)


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  • Richard P. Noonan

    It shows the man talking to WHOMever. ‘Whom’ always follows a preposition.

    • mercurynews

      The dependent clause determines whether it is whoever (subject) or whomever (object). You would say ‘who is filming,’ not ‘whom is filming,’ so whoever is correct.

    • Another Cramer

      It is more traditionally grammatically “correct” to use “whom-” as the object following a preposition — but you are wrong to say “always.” In reality, “whom” is rarely ised in everyday speech in any way anymore, and “who-” has been considered “acceptable” by most authorities for over two decades.

      Language necessarily lives, grows, and changes over time. Idioms and allegories morph into common ideas. Words fade and reappear.

      Still, it would be nice to have an editor checking articles for errors before they are posted, even little ones like you suggest.

      • Lemmy Caution

        At least people are interested in discussing language usage….

  • man

    He would have been shot dead in the US.

    I could see someone getting angry and throwing an item down, but this is planned.
    He kept the object to crush glass.

    • Lemmy Caution

      That’s my point, that only wimpy French socialist-minded surrender monkeys would be so clearly afraid to deal with this sociopath’s malicious rampage in the firm manner that the situation clearly warranted.

    • Jamaicadiworst

      Only if he was black would he be killed

  • JohnnyNomad

    Oh, so protesting is illegal now?

    • EllaFino

      You’re kidding right?

      • Lemmy Caution

        I don’t think he is, and that’s what’s so scary.

    • Lemmy Caution

      Should you ever locate your missing marbles perhaps you’ll begin to understand the difference between protest and willful destruction of property, i.e. vandalism.

      • JohnnyNomad

        Yeah. And you are probably one of those “All Lives Matter” people.

        • Lemmy Caution

          That makes no more sense whatsoever than your previous bit of utter nonsense.

  • apple SUCKS

    My hero. EVIL CrApple deserves that. Good for him.

    • Lemmy Caution

      If that was your store, would you be so freely cavalier – and plainly stupid – with your attitude?
      Besides, if this had taken place somewhere other than in surrender monkey France, he would have been slammed to the floor from the get go, and rightly so.

  • Sam Z.

    He can be easily vindicated by the mere statement that he was mentally disturbed at the time.

    • Lemmy Caution

      If that criteria were universally applied there would be no such concept as “willfully committing a crime”.