Skully: Failed motorcycle helmet startup hit with new lawsuit

The bad news just keeps coming for Skully.

The San Francisco startup, bankrupt and awash in controversy, now faces another lawsuit — this time from the manufacturer that produced the high-tech Skully-brand motorcycle helmets.

Global electronics manufacturer Flextronics sued Skully on Friday, claiming the defunct startup owes it more than $1 million.

Skully sold helmets with rear-view cameras, Bluetooth connectivity and display screens embedded in the visor — a futuristic product akin to something Tony Stark would wear with his Iron Man suit. The company was widely popular among motorcycle riders, raising a staggering $2.4 million on Indiegogo.

But the startup crashed and burned last month, leaving in its wake thousands of angry customers who paid for, but likely will never receive, a helmet. In a lawsuit against the company, a former assistant to the Skully founders claimed her bosses spent company money on vacations, sports cars and a strip club, and misrepresented the charges as business expenses. Shortly after the lawsuit broke, Skully announced it was out of money. The company shut its doors and said it planned to file for bankruptcy.

Now Flextronics is demanding reimbursement. The manufacturer says Skully owes $505,703 in past-due bills, $514,409 in unpaid bills, and another $1.5 million for what Flextronics spent on certain materials and inventory related to the Skully project.

Flextronics says it demanded payment from Skully on Sept. 9, about a month after the startup announced it was shutting down.

“Skully has failed and refused, and continues to fail and refuse, to make full and complete payment to Flextronics to satisfy the debt that Skully owes to Flextronics,” the manufacturer’s lawyers wrote in the complaint filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

Photo: The Skully augmented reality motorcycle helmet (Skully). 


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  • gespin3549

    My bank refunded my money.

  • Geist

    It was not widely accepted by the motorcycle community. The professionals in the industry soon realized this was vapor ware and realistically could not be produced without major breakthroughs in helmet technology. None of which was happening. All the pretty models shown in helmets 4 sizes too big sadly just added more fuel to the proof of shenanigans going on at Skully.

  • ptick16

    I don’t understand what Flextronics expects to get from those execs at Skully, except maybe the patents and full rights to the helmet.

    Too bad, those guy’s screwed up a once in a life-time opportunity.

  • JK

    Bad all around. I ride everyday and tried to get one of the testers. I got my money back as well. Could have been a huge holiday for them but they decided to party and run with the money instead.