Google tweets out ‘October is coming’ to drum up event enthusiasm

Well, I guess Apple isn’t the only company that can stir up enthusiasm for something new by courting attention with a minimalistic-looking announcement about an upcoming, likely product-related event. Right, Google?

In case you missed it…Late Monday, Google tweeted out that “October is coming” (Fans of the Emmy-award winning HBO program “Game of Thrones” and its famous “Winter is coming’ slogan can roll their eyes now.) with a video showing the outline of what looks like the Google search space that then transforms in to a rectangle and, by the time the video ends 30 seconds later, has taken the shape of what we have to believe is a smartphone. The video then shows the Oct. 4 date and the Google logo. All of this is set to a snippet of the song “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone.


As the tweet ends, there is a link to click on for someone to receive information on “devices from Google and all the things you can do with them.”

So, what does Google have in mind?

Well, it sure sounds like something hardware-related. Google did mention “devices,” after all. Speculation is that Google is about to unveil some sort of new line of smartphones, presumably under the name of Pixel. Google hasn’t said anything more about what it has planned, but let’s get real.

Never mind October. Christmas is coming (There we go with the “GoT” reference again), and it makes sense for the company to get some new smartphones out on the shelves in time to stoke enthusiasm for shoppers who will soon be looking for things to stick into stockings and under trees at the end of year. And with Apple already selling its new iPhone 7 smartphones, it would behoove Google to have something new and shiny to appeal to the attention of consumers when the end-of-the-year holiday shopping season kicks into full gear.

The event will be held at San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square and streamed live on YouTube.

Photo: Google headquarters in Mountain View. (Matt O’Brien/Mercury News archives)


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  • Robert J Miskines

    The Pixel smartphone has arrived but it remains to be seen (with its middle of the road features) can Pixel attract more people to the Android ecosystem rather than cannibalize it existing OEM (Samsung, LG, HUAWEI & others) base. Oh, there is the supply chain risks too.