Google gets trolled by AT&T over Google Fiber

Google is a whiny, ignorant, wet-behind-the-ears prima donna headed for a reckoning at the hands of the heroic AT&T.

At least that’s the story the telecommunications behemoth is telling, in a humorous but pointed poke in the eye to Google, delivered via a blog post.

Google and AT&T have been battling over Google’s attempts to access, for its Google Fiber ultra-high-speed internet service, utility poles AT&T and other Google competitors control.

It is amid this high-stakes fight over super-speedy internet that AT&T’s blog post comes. “Between 2011 and 2015, while Google Fiber was cutting its teeth on fiber, AT&T invested over $140 billion in its network, building to over one million route miles of fiber globally and deploying ultra-high-speed fiber-fed GigaPower broadband services, reaching over a hundred cities,” said the post by AT&T vice-president of federal regulatory issues Joan Marsh. “Google Fiber will no doubt continue its broadband experiments, while coming up with excuses for its shortcomings and learning curves.

“Yet, Google Fiber still complains it’s too hard…and costs too much…and takes too long.”

The blog post noted that Google Fiber had only rolled out in a few of the more than 1,000 cities that said they wanted it, and has recently put Fiber development on hold everywhere it hasn’t obtained access to existing fiber networks or started building its own. “Google Fiber (is learning) something we’ve known for over a hundred years – deploying communications networks is hard and takes an enormous amount of time, money and skilled labor,” AT&T sniped in the post.

At the end of the relatively brief piece, AT&T taunted its competitor: “Welcome to the broadband network business, Google Fiber,” it said. “We’ll be watching your next move from our rear view mirror. Oh, and pardon our dust.”

To be sure, Google may have the last laugh. According to a theory held by several analysts, Google’s haphazard rollout of Fiber is part of a strategy to provoke its competitors into building their own fiber networks, so more users across the country will have super-fast internet and consume more and more of the ads that Google serves.

SiliconBeat has asked Google to comment on the AT&T post, and may update this article with any response received.

Photo: A lineman places fiber cable in San Mateo. (Eugene H. Louie/Mercury News archives) 


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  • Jim Philips

    This from the company that still deliver’s sub-standard Internet speeds to my Atlanta neighborhood. PLEASE give us more options, Google!

  • Dart Feld

    Isn’t the fastest available speed for around 90% of AT&T’s customers 5 – 10mb/s? I don’t want to hear anything about broadband from them until they offer acceptable internet speeds.

  • Matt

    Must be why the stop 1/25th of the way. In Gigapower markets their upload speeds aren’t very symmetrical so I’ve seen on YouTube speedtests. And they are literally no where to be found in San Antonio. Huge billboards all over the city but no people or construction on their part. All Google. AT&T doesn’t deserve my money. Glad TWC is providing 300mbps in the meantime

  • Dan

    I thought Net Neutrality was supposed to open the poles and make it easier for everyone to expand and use the poles? I hate Google, but the monopolies of Comcast and others needs to stop! I pay $75 a month for 75MB FIOS and that is ridiculous! These prices need to come down and competition is hopefully the answer!

  • ptick16

    I’ll take Googe over the current providers any day of the week. The current providers, including AT&T have already proven that they are liars and thieves. The current providers have done nothing but stifle invovation and job oportunities in the US by their own greed and corruption. The ONLY reason that we are seeing ANY sort of progress in internet speeds is because of Google. The speeds that Google offered from day one, AT&T and the others said were not possible. Google is also doing this with no data cap, and at a current price most are already charging for very LOW speeds. It’s already been proven that the data caps that AT&T uses to justify throtteling back service were nothing but lies. AT&T and the other providers are simply extorting their customers. Fleecing as much as they can out of us, and looking for even more questionable ways to charge us more. I’d rather not see Google become a monopoly here, but Google IS doing everything the right way. This cannot be said about AT&T, and the other providers. Google is opening the door to FAIR competition. AT&T and the other providers are simply mad at Google for getting into their cake. AT&T and the other providers have no one else to blame, for Google Fibers success, but themselves. Their own greed has finally caught up to them.

    • ZeeXenon

      Wow, did we get out of the wrong side of the corporate bed? A corporation is a corporation is a corporation! If the stockholders ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy. BTW, ATT went digital in the early ’60s and nationwide fiber in the ’70s, thanks to their think tank BTL which the government destroyed 1-1-84. How’s the competition working out for you today?

      • ptick16

        Do you honestly believe that any changes, or improvements, would have happened if Google Fiber had not jumped into the fray? In addition to pleasing their stockholders, any corporation must also please their customers just as well. If the customers aren’t happy, no business will survive. Ask Sears Holdings about that one. Each and every area that Google Fiber has jumped into, the other providers have made an about face on what they said was impossible and offered faster speeds at better prices. But only in those areas where Google has deployed. Why do you think that is? Competition, period. So yeah, I’m loving that competition.

        • ZeeXenon

          I’ve been watching Google’s fiber initiative crash and burn. What you need to do is invent a way of attaching fiber to buried cables and pulling them through the ground. Oh, did I say my first real job was at Bell Telephone Labs, you know, the inventor of most communications, including the transistor digital switching, cellular, emergency networks,also proof of the big bang, and I have a Top Secret Clearance, I was part of testing fiber to the home in the 1970s, Middle Management, EE, National Security and Emergency Preparedness, etc. And your brilliant government destroyed all that. Since 1-1-84, how’s competition improved your life? A good CEO is a Puppet Master, and your strings are in good working order.

          • ptick16

            Even if Google Fiber does fizz out, they have at least shown that the current big providers are nothing but a scam, and that we are in desperate need of fair and robust competition throughout the country. Google is also working on other tech that could be even more of a game changer than Fiber. My entire family, 5 different homes spread around Raleigh NC, will be getting Google Fiber soon, so I’m still loving that competition.

            I’ve also held high level security clearances myself, working within the aerospace industry, and they’ve done quite a bit of “inventing” themselves. Big deal.

            I would like to have more information on 1-1-84 though. I have tried
            running a search on that, but the criteria is too vague. It may or may
            not be interesting, but I won’t know that until I am able to read more
            about it. I am not so ignorant that I can’t listen to someone elses views, even they differ from my own.

            You are beginning to rant now, instead of just having a conversation, objectively discussing your own opinion. You sound as if you’re still beholden to your former employer. As if their hand is still up your rear, “pulling your strings”.

          • ZeeXenon

            OK, get the Google Financial statement and other data for this project and run the CUCRIT. I bet you the remains of Traveller that it’s a looser, no matter what revenue lies their Marketing staff supplied.

          • Nathaniel Donaghy

            All that bragging and you’re misspelling ‘loser’. Well done.

  • repete66211

    Perhaps Google should counter with my experience:

    AT&T screws its customers on an annual cycle. When you sign up you get a “12 month trial” rate that increases by ~30% at the close of a year. The only way you can avoid that increase is to opt for a higher service “tier”, which usually translates to at least another $10/month above what you were paying before. Doing this requires a long phone call haggling with AT&T CRS, which must be repeated every 12 months.

    Google has no contracts. Their every day rate is about equal to AT&T’s introductory rate. Adding and dropping services is a breeze. Billing is efficient and the charges are transparent. Oh, and if Google hadn’t forced them to upgrade, AT&T would still be offering 5Mbps speeds.

  • Mike J

    AT&T and Comcast business model is get a monopoly, make agreements not to compete in each others turf, then screw the hell out of their customers. They know as soon as there is any alternative, their customers will flee to Google. So they protect their monopolies tooth and nail.

  • Oliver Nonfrankan

    I’m glad that AT&T is getting some competition, but it would be nice if someone would consider those who live just past the fringes of cities. Google Fiber is cutting back their staff because of lower than expected penetration of people signing up for their service. You may not get high numbers out on the fringes either, but you would get a larger percentage of people switching and loyal customers. AT&T doesn’t give a darn about us. They eventually want to shut down the copper networks. They will never lay fiber out on the fringes. Rather they will have the government force us onto their expensive wireless products that are not unlimited, and charge quite a bit per gig. It is a win for them as we have few options.

  • Nelson Torres

    i have AT&T dsl…they CONSTANTLY boast about high speed this, and high speed that…wanna KNOW how fast my BLAZING connection is? 1.5mb/s …for this screamingly fast connection, i get the pleasure of paying close to $60 a month…and YES, this IS the fastest speed available in MY area…WHY? cause AT&T is not going to invest in Uverse in my area…as a matter of fact, they are looking in to phasing out dsl here, they do not have anyone to compete with, so u pay their rates, or you dont have internet…so, you tell me…AINT that a bitch!