VC firm CRV speaks out against Donald Trump, F-word and all

In further proof of Silicon Valley’s hate affair with Donald Trump, venture capital firm Charles River Ventures has just redesigned its website to read “F*ck Trump” on its home page.

Tell us how you really feel.

The Menlo Park firm does, in a Medium post also titled “F*ck Trump.”

“Donald Trump’s anti-immigration statements are diametrically opposed to the core values of entrepreneurship. And at CRV, we’ve had enough,” the VC firm says in the post. “The CRV partnership — united and unanimous — rejects Donald Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States.”

Not only that, the firm — whose roots are in Cambridge, Massachusetts — says it will start covering the costs for U.S. visas for founders of companies it funds.

“We’ve also created a CRV Fellowship Program to provide funding, support and office space for immigrant entrepreneurs,” the firm says in the post. “If you feel you fit the bill, come share your stories and your ideas. If you are for building walls and stopping change, stay away. Bigots need not apply.”

A spokeswoman confirmed to SiliconBeat that the firm meant to use the colorful language on its website and its Medium post, and that the firm hasn’t been hacked.

CRV, a 46-year-old firm that has invested in Twitter, Dropbox, Zendesk and more, says its “9 partners come from 7 countries and speak 8 different languages, hailing from Greece, India, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Venezuela as well as the United States.” It says it has backed more than 400 companies and “our companies have created tens of thousands of jobs in the United States alone.”

Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has made immigration a centerpiece of his campaign. He has promised to build a wall at the Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants out of the United States, and has also called for the mass deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. This week, Trump hinted at a “softening” of his stance.

Most of the tech industry has made its opposition to Trump clear. He has raised barely any money from Silicon Valley donors. In July, an open letter posted on Medium and signed by 150 tech CEOs, investors and academics called him a “disaster for innovation.” The Mark Zuckerberg-backed immigration-reform group has long spoken out against Trump’s immigration policies, which includes a call to increase wages for H-1B visa holders.

The only prominent Trump backer from the tech industry is billionaire entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel, a Trump delegate who spoke at the Republican National Convention in July.


Photo: Donald Trump. (AP/Seth Wenig)


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  • pgm554

    In other words they want cheap labor for the companies(H1B) they invest in.
    And they want to get gains on the money they’ve invested in China at the expense of US jobs.

    I work with VC’s EVERY day and you don’t have to be blind not to see why they don’t like Trump.

    With HRC ,it’s just business as usual.

  • le miz

    I have worked for 6 US-based VC backed startups (twice as CEO) employing US citizens …how about you go f*ck yourself

  • jakeleone

    Thank you for sharing your immigrant superiority complex, very NOT refreshing.

    The H-1b visa is often touted as a major immigration program. Sadly it is not.

    Most H-1b visas are being taken up by Offshore Outsourcing companies, which sponsor only a few people (like as many as you can count with your fingers) for a Green Card.

    Silicon Valley, tech originating companies, barely use 1/3 of the generally available H-1b visas.

    (Whining, apparently, with a wide open potty-mouth).

    As such, the H-1b program has basically become an ANTI-Immigration program.

    I’d say, the great way to promote immigration, is to reform the H-1b program and reserve it for companies that will sponsor people for a Green Card and create (not remove) jobs from the United States.

    Given that Offshore Outsourcing companies are taking up more than half of all the freely available H-1b visas, removing them from the program, will result in more H-1b visas for companies that create jobs in the United States. And are apparently a thousand times (not joking) more likely to sponsor a person on an H-1b for Green Card. And from the Green Card, then we can create more entrepreneurs, instead of the Hi-tech peonage (as described by a Facebook insider) the H-1b visa actually is.

    So let’s stop talking sharing our various forms of the Aryan superiority insanity/fantasy, and start sharing realistic ideas on how we can make our existing programs more effective at helping the U.S. economy, while at the same time putting more people with Green Cards on a path toward citizenship and civic responsibility.

    • noh1bvisas

      70% of the h1bs go to the indian bodyshops.

    • a reader


      That’s the way to do it.

  • noh1bvisas

    the h-1b is a non-immigrant guest worker visa.
    the h1b visa is largely used to replace american workers with cheap labor from india. 110,000 indians received an h1b visa in fiscal year 2015. that’s 110,000 jobs americans could have had. americans first!
    i challenge anyone to come up with one, just one, major innovation from an h1b.

    • Septimus Pretorius

      Hotmail (Sabeer Bhatia), Pentium Processor (Vinod Dham), RISC Processors (Vinod Khosla)

      • noh1bvisas

        none of those were h-1bs. none were individual contributions. stick to the topic.
        Vinod Dham:- Father of the Pentium – came to the US LONG before there was such a thing as an h1b. he was part of a team. lie revealed.

        Elon musk:- Founder of Tesla – Canadian born in south Africa. became a US citizen LONG before the h1b. lie revealed.
        Jerry Yang – Co-founder, Yahoo! – Yang was born in Taipei, Taiwan on November 6, 1968, and moved to San Jose, California at the age of ten with his mother and younger brother. lie revealed.
        Vinod Khosla – Co-founders, Sun Microsystems – graduated from a US university in 1980. LONG before the h1b. lie revealed.
        Andrew Grove – Co-founder, Intel – refugee who arrived in America in 1957. LONG before the h1b. lie revealed.

        Sergey Brin -Co-founder, Google – .Brin immigrated to the United States with his family from the Soviet Union at the age of 6. lie revealed.
        there are almost one MILLION active h1bs in the US right now. you can’t find ONE example?

        • Septimus Pretorius

          So you don’t have a problem with skilled immigration in general … just the specific visa program? ehh … I can live with that.

          • noh1bvisas

            h1b, l1, eb1, hb2, OPT, etc. i have a problem with any visa used to replace an american worker with cheap foreign labor.

          • Septimus Pretorius

            Then the problem is visa fraud… right? None of these visas are explicitly meant to replace American workers. And talking about cheap labor … Microsoft, Google, Intel, Qualcomm pays close to 110,000 to starting software engineers on H1B.

          • noh1bvisas

            110K in silicon valley isn’t much. i make that much now in a MUCH less expensive area. i guess if you don’t want to have a car, like having roomates…

          • Septimus Pretorius

            My point was that most F500 companies pay H1B engineers the same as Americans.

          • Septimus Pretorius

            But if you’re going to get all personal about this… I have a graduate degree in cybersecurity, make a 165K in San Diego, own a condo and two cars and I’m about to turn 30. Cheap labor?

          • Septimus Pretorius

            But if you’re going to get all personal about this… I have a graduate degree in cybersecurity, make a 165K in San Diego, own a condo and two cars and I’m about to turn 30. Cheap labor?

          • noh1bvisas

            no, they don’t. stop spreading the lies of big tech. look what happened at disney. it’s been happening at 1000s of companies.

          • Septimus Pretorius

            My point was that most F500 companies pay H1B engineers the same as Americans.

      • At Sage software, we maintained large teams in India, and those of us based in the U.S. (Irvine, Lawrenceville) would ostensibly “look after what the Indians were doing”. And the Indians were good.

  • Mindy Zumba

    Do NOT believe anything that comes out drumpf’s mouth; he is a LIAR…
    DO not believe anything that comes out of drumpf’s mouth, HE is a liar…
    Do not BELIEVE anything that comes out of drumpf’s mouth, he IS a liar….
    Do not believe ANYTHING that comes out of drumpf’s mouth, he is A liar….
    Do not believe anything that CoMES out of drumpf’s mouth, he is a liar….ewwwwww!

    Vote Future President Hillary Rodham Clinton/Vice President Tim Kaine 2016, 2020

  • The really sad thing is the profound ignorance of the mainstream-news-sucking illiterate public, who believe nonsense instead of the obvious and painful truth – Trump is the true independent from outside of the establishment. Anyone who doesn’t fall into the above is a troll, plain and simple. Watch the Brexit guy at the Trump rally and learn something.

  • zanajohn

    Silicon Valley understands logic, but not power. Unfortunately, nobody does. But each has its day and now its sick and tired power that will have its way.