President Obama founded ISIS, according to Yahoo

It turns out Donald Trump was right — President Barack Obama did found the bloodthirsty terror group ISIS. At least Yahoo said that’s what happened.

If you searched for “Barack Obama” on Yahoo on Monday, the web portal coughed up a photo of the president, with his age underneath, the fact that he’s the 44th president, and the statement that “He is also the founder of ISIS.”

The words beneath the photo purported to come from Wikipedia, but clicking through to that website showed nothing in the Obama entry about him founding the terrorist group. Google’s search results for “Barack Obama” produced nearly the same text as Yahoo’s, minus the ISIS reference.

Trump said earlier this month that Obama and Hillary Clinton co-founded ISIS, but Trump later said he was being sarcastic.

It’s unclear when the ISIS reference first appeared in Yahoo Search results. By 3 p.m. on Monday, Yahoo was still telling the world that America’s president birthed the West-hating, atrocity-loving ISIS.

SiliconBeat has asked Yahoo to explain how the ISIS claim ended up appearing in the Obama search results. Any response from the company may be included after it arrives.

Of course, Yahoo isn’t the only tech company to suffer an embarrassing loss of control over its own technology. Last year, Google issued an abject apology after its new image-recognition program identified two black people as gorillas. Earlier this year, Microsoft had to put a gag on its snazzy artificial-intelligence-fed chat bot Tay, after user input turned the bot into a sex-crazed Nazi sympathizer.

Update: Later on Monday afternoon, the Obama photo and text in Yahoo search results had been removed, and shortly before 5 p.m. it reappeared, without ISIS.


Photo: Yahoo Search results for “Barack Obama.” (screenshot)


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  • TBA

    Clearly they are just displaying cached content from the Wikipedia article and the Wikipedia article has since been corrected.

  • rex

    Both Obama and Clinton were responsible for sending arms from Libya to Syrian “rebels” fighting Assad, and that group morphed into ISIL. So the claim is not far from the truth. And the failure to protect Chris Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to Libya, underscores the fact that the President and the Secretary of State had no interest in allowing the American public a clear view of what they were doing. The Obama international policy is nearly as much a failure as the ACA. This is what happens when a candidate’s background is never questioned.

    • Dave

      Don’t forget their buddy Soros

    • Samaki

      B.O. was warned by his own advisors of the danger of arming these terrorists that morphed into ISIL and the history of the Taliban was not enough to deter them.

    • DMcD

      Snap the F out of it….Bushcos’ wars destabilized the entire Mideast & ISIS & all the madness that has followed is a direct result of their ill-advised illegitimate interference, Period, OWN-IT. And as far as sending arms are concerned, that was Cheneys’ specialty, particularly in Afghanistan, where he sent arms to the Taliban under Reagan to conduct a surrogate-war against the Soviets….only to later have our own troops go under fire from the same weapons…the same can be said of the left-over US weaponry from the Iraq conflicts. Fact-is that people like you do not own ‘facts’ or actual history, and despite your best efforts to the contrary, you can Not re-write history…and that’s a FACT !

      • mark

        well said

      • UncleStu

        But you have to admit President Barack (elected twice) Obama causes acne.

        (that’s the only thing he hasn’t been blamed for, so I had to fill in the gap.)

        (and for all you humorless right wing nut jobs, that was what is called a joke.)

  • Apple153

    Obama, Hillary, Kerry should be trial for crimes against humanity. Three biggest idiots in America History !

    • mlm

      And Trump is the judge?

      • God’s Judgement

        Keep dreaming

      • FresnoUser

        No, Trump is an alternate idiot in case one of the others is incapacitated.

    • mark

      oh and Trump is the solution? – get real

      • Apple153

        Did you read my comment ????

  • hoapres

    Obama is actually an alien from Mars sent to destroy us.

  • Nathan Matthews

    Ronald Reagan was the dope seller!!

  • scarlet phoenix
  • cosmicunity

    ALL that believe religious fantasy as real share responsibility for ISIS. This is the way religions historically almost to a one can eventually evolve into.The “highest form of life” is the ONLY life form defective enough to actually believe these fictional stories are true. No Fn hope for the us and the planet. This, that which can only be a genetic defect, is too ingrained into our “normal” insanity. It won’t stop proliferating till we are extinct. An extinction that for the most part will happen because of this malignancy..

  • Miffler J. Tripod

    Can we just fast forward to inauguration day? Really, all of this stuff is just so base, boring and silly.

  • Mandy Greene-Lamica

    Okay, okay, so Obama didn’t “found” ISIS…he just ignored the inherent danger posed by the “jv team” and ignored the atrocities perpetrated by them until they became too powerful TO ignore.

  • Bern Berni