It’s The Night of the Living Pokémon Go outside the Dodiches’ house

Do you feel as if your quality of life has mysteriously slipped over the past few weeks?

Has your neighborhood been invaded by creepy strangers staring into their mobile phones as they walk in circles outside your kitchen window?

Well then, you might want to join Scott Dodich and Jayme Gotts-Dodich’s class-action lawsuit against the makers of Pokémon Go for allegedly turning their lives into a living hell.

The wildly popular augmented-reality game from Niantic and Nintendo, which has players walking around in real life trying to capture little virtual critters on their phone screens, has been out since early July. So it’s little surprise that now, less than two months later, the lawyers have gotten into the act.

And so we head, with the Dodiches of the once idyllic but now-threatened Detroit suburb of St. Clair Shores, to federal court — where a judge will presumably decide whether the plaintiffs are legitimately being harassed or are simply making a real mountain out of a virtual molehill.

USA Today reports that the Dodiches are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore, writing that for weeks they’d been “complaining about Pokémon players trampling their landscaping, peering into their windows and even cussing at them.”

And so, as any God-fearing American would do when confronted with such a dreadful situation, the Dodiches have filed suit, USA Today reports, “claiming Pokémon Go developers and owners have made millions of dollars while ruining the quality of life for many Americans.”

They claim the so-called Pokestops and gyms — which are actually GPS coordinates for Pokémon hunters looking for virtual creatures — are being placed on or near private property without the permission of owners. In their case, they live across the street from Wahby Park — a Pokémon hot spot that has a so-called Poke gym and at least seven stops that draw hundreds of players on any given day.

What do they want? According to a post on Time’s website, the couple “requested the removal of a Pokémon gym and a Pokestop at Wahby Park in St. Clair Shores, according to NBC‘s Detroit affiliate, WDIV. The couple allege that their once private cul-de-sac has been taken over, at times, by Pokémon Go players who have blocked driveways with vehicles and trespassed on lawns.”

For those of you unfamiliar with what’s at stake here, take a look at this photo of a recent watermelon-eating contest at the park, posted on Google maps by Brian Korte:

Aqua Fest watermelon eating contest 2016

Just how mad are the litigants? Well, very, judging by the passion they and/or their lawyers put into their complaint:

“Nobody gets sleep anymore,” the lawsuit claims. “How is this acceptable? … They hang out on our lawns, trample landscaping, look in vehicles. … We don’t feel safe … I don’t feel safe sitting on our porch.”

And if you want just a taste of the sort of dreamlike suburban environment now under siege, at least according to the Dodiches’ lawsuit, check out this video postcard that someone named 69zenos1 posted on YouTube just last month:


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