On Topic: Tech news to know now

Here are some things going on in tech Wednesday …

— This might be the time to go shopping for a new Mac for Christmas. Reports say Apple is going to do its first major refresh of the MacBook Pro in four years,

— Apple gets patents for a lot of things. And, apparently, it received one on Tuesday for a “steering device” on large trucks and other vehicles. Another use for it could be in a “war situation,” according to the patent.
— GoPro is trying to crawl back from more than a year of disappointing products and market performance. Maybe the upcoming six-camera rig called the Omni, which costs $5,000, will help things along?
— Crashing Teslas using autopilot aren’t just limited to Florida, as Tesla says one of its cars in Beijing crashed while in “autopilot” mode. It’s the first such instance of this in China.
— Yelp shares are up 14 percent after the online review and recommendation company delivered a better-than-expected quarterly report. At least one Wall Street analyst raised his rating on the company’s stock.
— Did Google Maps wipe Palestine off the map? Well, not really, but it doesn’t completely name the region, either.
— Disney, looking to do more, and make more money in video streaming, spends $1 billion for a 33 percent stake in BamTech, the streaming division of Major League Baseball.
— Intel is reportedly paying $408 million for deep-learning tech startup up Nervana Systems.
— Sony sets a Sept. 7 event in New York for what is believed to include the unveiling of the next PlayStation console, the PlayStation Neo.
Photo: MacBook Pros on display in a Palo Alto Apple store. (Dai Sugano/Bay Area News Group)

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