Amazon takes flight with first branded Prime Air plane

In Seattle this weekend, about half a million people will crowd around the Puget Sound shores to party, watch the iconic hydroplane races, and be entertained by the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels as part of the city’s annual Seafair festivities.

But along with all those traditional events in the Emerald City, something new will be included on the weekend agenda. It will be the flyby of a plane that, if Jeff Bezos has his way, will be the symbolic start of a new force in the market for consumer cargo delivery.

Yes, it is Amazon One.

Amazon showed off Amazon One, the first Amazon-branded plane in the company’s¬†expected fleet of 40 Prime Air cargo planes, at the Boeing delivery center in Seattle on Thursday. Amazon wanted so badly to keep the wraps on Amazon One’s arrival that the company flew it out from New York to Seattle under cover of darkness.

The Amazon One Prime Air plane is a Boeing 767-300, and will soon be flying between cities in order to “serve customers by adding capacity to support one- and two-day package delivery in the U.S.,” according to a statement from Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide operations.

Amazon hasn’t set an exact date for when its Prime Air “airline” will take to the skies, but the debut of Amazon One means the company is getting closer to launching its own “dedicated air cargo network,” and, according to Clark, the entire 40 plane fleet will roll out “over the next couple of years.”

Amazon’s going to fly Amazon One over the Seafair crowds between 1;15 pm and 1:40 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, to ensure that as many people as possible get a look at the Prime Air logo while they are waiting for the Blue Angels to show up.

Photo: The Amazon One Prime Air plane in a hangar at Boeing facilities in Seattle. (Courtesy: Amazon)


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  • Erzhik

    Give it 15 years and Amazon will have it’s own delivery service (sort of like UPS and FedEx).