On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s on the Friday menu.

What Apple car? The company is turning its focus to self-driving software, although building a car may not be out of the question, Bloomberg reports. Apple has hired the former head of  BlackBerry’s auto software division.

The FBI is investigating a cyber attack against another U.S. Democratic Party group. The attack may be related to an earlier hack against the Democratic National Committee, Reuters reports.

Yahoo is being bought by Verizon. So why is it hiring a bunch of new workers?

Microsoft to cut 2,850 more jobs in the next 12 months.

ICYMI: Facebook gets $3 billion to $5 billion tax bill from the IRS over its transfer of assets to Ireland, says it will challenge it.

Google meets Italy’s demands on data practices, including giving users more control over how their data is used.

Facebook to show Olympics highlights. If you’re keeping track, that means highlights from this summer’s games can be seen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.


Photo: Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif., on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015. (LiPo Ching/Bay Area News Group)


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