After her husband’s death, Sheryl Sandberg’s next book: “Option B”

Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, is working on her second book, this time on the concept of “Option B,” according to Recode.

Co-written with Adam Grant, a Wharton professor and author, the book, with the working title of “Option B,” focuses on Sandberg’s grieving and coping after the death last year of her husband Dave Goldberg, CEO of Survey Monkey. It is nearly completed, and the two are shopping for a publisher, Recode says.

Since Goldberg’s death in Mexico of a heart condition last year, Sandberg has shared her grief and coping struggles in posts on Facebook and in speeches. She has written about the emotional and physical toll of being a single mother.

The concept of Option B comes from advice she received from a friend who recommended that since she can’t have the life she had with Goldberg, she should “kick the sh– out of Option B.”

A recent Wall Street Journal article described ways that Sandberg has shared her grief with Facebook employees and even with advertisers:

After rising to welcome the roughly 20 attendees, Ms. Sandberg stood silently for a few moments, according to Carolyn Everson,Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions, who attended the dinner. Then, Ms. Sandberg said she had had a bad day. She discussed her struggle to find meaning amid the dark days; she spoke of her passion for her work. The room was quiet, said Ms. Everson.

Jim Santucci, executive director of Kara, a Palo Alto nonprofit focused on grief support and crisis intervention, gave Recode the following statement about Sandberg, who the group has helped:

Sheryl is taking a topic too often considered taboo and bringing it to the forefront of public discourse — giving a voice to the millions of people who suffer silently each year…. Something we hear all the time in our support groups is ‘people don’t know what to say to me.’ Starting an open conversation about grief will help all of us be better equipped to support the people in their lives.

Above: Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook chief operating officer, with husband Dave Goldberg, who died in 2015. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)


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  • Shirley LeGitte

    That should be the title, it practically writes itself…

  • express24

    Something tells me she doesn’t experience the same problems as 99% of single mothers.

  • Learn_to_Handle_the_Truth

    Let me see now, -after working many late night hours with her professor/ghost writer, the two become romantically involved, After this, they will co-write still another book of how a grieving mother millionaire and a Wharton School professor innocently fall in love while writing a book and having nothing to do with the obscure and mysterious treadmill death of her husband in a corrupt area of Mexico. Her husband btw was a high level executive another Silicon Valley company in the news lately , -Survey Monkey. Things that make you say hmmmm! Sounds like a Lifetime movie to me….