Quoted: on DNC email hack and the presidential election

“When the presidential election could come down to the hack of an email server, it’s likely time to start paying attention to cybersecurity.”

Aaron Levie, CEO of San Francisco-based Box, in a tweet Monday about the thousands of hacked emails from Democratic National Committee workers, which were leaked Friday by WikiLeaks.

The emails showed that DNC staff were biased against Hillary Clinton’s competitor for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders, and over the weekend forced DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to say she would resign at the end of this week’s convention. Sanders and his supporters had charged that the DNC was favoring Clinton all along.

There are reports that Russian hackers are the source of the leaked emails, prompting questions about whether Russia is trying to influence the outcome of the U.S. presidential election in November.

The New York Times notes that evidence suggests the hacks were by two separate Russian agencies, and said “the theft from the national committee would be among the most important state-sponsored hacks yet of an American organization, rivaled only by the attacks on the Office of Personnel Management by state-sponsored Chinese hackers, and the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, which Mr. Obama blamed on North Korea.”

It’s impossible to talk about the Russian angle without mentioning the speculation surrounding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. The Clinton campaign has fueled some of that talk, including by questioning the timing of the release of the hacked emails.

Trump addressed the buzz Monday on Twitter:

Some experts say WikiLeaks could continue to release emails that will affect the election. In fact, the website, known for publishing classified and other political information throughout the years, said Friday that the DNC email leaks were “part one of our new Hillary Leaks series.” (In March, WikiLeaks launched an archive of more than 30,000 emails supposedly from Clinton’s email server while she served as Secretary of State.)

“I do think you’re going to see an uptick in the releases, and part of that is getting more information from people who have an interest in the outcome,” Hemanshu Nigam, founder of online security firm SSP Blue, told the Boston Herald. “This isn’t going away. You’ve got to be an idiot if you’re running a political campaign and you’re not assuming that at some point your emails are going to be public.”

The FBI said Monday that it is investigating the hack, and that it’s “working to determine the nature and scope of the matter.”


Photo: Bernie Sanders supporters gather at City Hall in preparation to march through downtown on the first day of the Democratic National Convention on July 25, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The bitterness in the battle between Sanders and Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination is being brought to the fore again in the wake of the leak of hacked emails showing that the Democratic National Committee favored Clinton. (Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)


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  • InconvenientTruthsYouHate

    No! What a horrible quote! What it’s time to start paying attention to is what kinds of politicians we’re enabling — bigoted, corrupt, whatever… That is what we need to pay attention to.
    This leak is the best thing that could happen to the country from a political accountability standpoint.

  • Dave

    Whatever the underlying reason for the hack is not the issue for Americans. Bernie Sanders was discriminated against by his own party for his religious or non-religious beliefs and that’s the greatest hypocrisy ever to be disclosed by a liberal media struggling to come to grips by its own corrupt party, trying to find a red herring to sway attention on an irrelevant issue of who did the hacking rather than focusing on the real issue that’s disclosed by the leaked emails. The liberal media would like nothing more than to dupe Americans into believing that Trump and Putin are buddies and ready to play war together, raging tyranny across the globe.