Quoted: A storybook ending for couple who met on Twitter

“I usually had stock responses. ‘Sorry, I’m already married to the books.’ That sort of thing.”

Jonathan O’Brien, a former social media account manager for Waterstones bookstore in London, whose wit apparently led to quite a few marriage proposals online.

Last week, he married a woman he met on Twitter, proving once again that despite its many issues, social media can still be a positive place.

This is the tweet that started it all about four years ago:

Victoria had liked Jonathan’s way with words. And guess what, there’s a Pokémon connection:

Jonathan replied that “book nerds are not that dreamy,” but Victoria tweeted back that “book nerds are > dreamboats.”

They took it to direct messaging, eventually met in person and got married last week. #Andtheylivedhappilyeverafter.


Illustration from KRT acrhives


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