Off topic: Google Sheep View, dinosaur with tiny arms, what’s wrong with food, layaway kidneys

In Denmark, Sheep View 360 is basically Google Street View from a sheep’s perspective. New dinosaur discoveryGualicho shinyae, a meat-eater with short, stubby arms like the T rex. Everything is bad for you: “The ethical, environmental, and health problems of virtually every food in the supermarket.” And planning ahead: UCLA starts gift-certificate program for kidney donations to help recipients when the time comes for a transplant.


Photo: Paleontologist Sebastian Apesteguia speaks in Buenos Aires on July 13, 2016 next to an illustration depicting Gualicho, an unusual new theropod dinosaur with a didactyl manus from the Upper Cretaceous that lived 90 million years ago found in the province of Rio Negro, in Argentina’s Patagonia.


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