Uber to be the Ice Cream Man on Friday

It’s summer time, which means many things.

There’s the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, set for Tuesday night. There’s the tradition of firing up the backyard grill. There are vacations. There are also vacations with young kids. There are also vacations with young kids which leave the parents broke, crying and wondering if it’s not too late to drop their kids off anonymously at the local fire station, no questions asked.

And there is also ice cream. Sure, ice cream is sold year-round, but there is something more that comes with getting a double scoop of Baskin-Robbins Peanut Butter and Chocolate and Pralines and Cream piled up high in a waffle cone and enjoying the thing on a lazy summer day. (Now where is the nearest 31 Flavors, anyway?)

Part of the allure of summertime ice cream is the local ice cream man. People of a certain age certainly remember the days of playing in their yard and hearing the faint, tinny pitch of the music coming out of the ice cream man’s truck, and then running manically around the neighborhood in a frantic search for the bearer of Drumsticks, Push-Ups and Fudgesicles. And nothing being better than flagging the guy down to get your reward.

Too bad the ice cream man too often gets a bad rap these days. Maybe Uber can do something about that? In fact, the San Francisco-based ride-sharing behemoth is doing something about that by delivering ice cream for free this Friday.

You read that right. On Friday, Uber drivers in 400 cities around the world will deliver free Magnum brand ice cream directly to you. All you need to do is open up your Uber app, and there will be an option to tap on for ice cream. A local Uber driver will soon show up with your flavorful frozen concoction. You don’t even have to take a ride to get an ice cream freebie.

Oh, and if you’ve never of Magnum, it’s a brand owned by the Anglo-Dutch multinational company Unilever. You may know them as the owners of ice cream brands such as Klondike, Breyers and Ben and Jerry’s.

Uber is even delivering ice cream to places where its driving services aren’t wanted, yet, anyway. Residents of Buffalo, N.Y. (the biggest U.S. city without Uber) and two other upstate New York cities will be able to order some Uber ice cream on Friday. Uber is using the promotion to keep its name in the minds of Buffalonians who are Uberless due to legislative arguments over the car service in parts of New York state.

Uber says it will be streaming pictures of people and their Uber-delivered treats with the hashtag #UberIceCream. The promotion won’t last all day, however. Any free Uber ice cream deliveries need to be placed between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. After that, you’ll have to drive yourself to that local Baskin-Robbins to fill you ice cream needs.

Photo: A smartphone with the Uber app showing the option for ordering ice cream (Courtesy: Uber).


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  • Thanks Uber for giving us this treat!

  • Scuba Steve

    Hey, whatever takes the focus off of drivers potentially earning less than minimum wage, I’m all for.


  • From my understanding this isn’t FREE for everyone – the avg cost is $2.50 per bar, so buyer beware!