Bad luck for Zuck with that hack attack

Mark Zuckerberg, aka King of Social Media, got a little digital egg on his face this weekend as word spread that the Facebook CEO’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts had been hacked into.

Who dun the whodunit? A Saudi Arabian hacker squad dubbed OurMine took responsibility for breaking into Zuck’s personal archive of tweets and photos, although a report in Hacker News pointed out that the CEO has not been incredibly active in many of these social-media accounts. “Mr. Zuckerberg has not sent a tweet from the account since 2012,” said the note.

It quickly became clear how OurMine did the deed. The AP reported that the hackers went on Twitter themselves to say that they’d found Zuckerberg’s personal account information in a recent data breach at LinkedIn “from which they took his SHA1-hashed password string and then broke it and tried on several social media accounts.”

Read more about the bad boys at OurMine here.

The LinkedIn attack was major. As Ethan Baron wrote in May, the professional networking site warned that problems from a theft in 2012 had not gone away. Personal data of more than 100 million LinkedIn users may have been taken.

From Hacker News:

The group, which has more than 40,000 Twitter followers, then successfully broke into Zuck’s Twitter (@finkd) and Pinterest profile and defaced its banners with its logo as well as tweeted out some offensive posts.


But the best kicker of all was Zuck’s password: “dadada.”

That’s the password that the Facebook chief was apparently using not just for his LinkedIn account, but for his other online accounts as well. And as we all know, using the same password for multiple accounts is a real no-no.

Photo: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (Kirstina Sangsahachart/Daily News)


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