New CannaDx app tells users what’s in their joint

MyDx wants its customers to know exactly what’s in the food they eat, the water they drink — and the cannabis they smoke.

The San Diego company launched an upgraded smartphone app this week, dubbed CannaDx, that lets users test the chemical components of marijuana. According to the company, the app analyzes the levels of THC — the ingredient in marijuana responsible for the high — as well as about 20 other compounds found in the drug. Smokers can use the app to correlate what they feel with certain chemical compounds, and thereby build a profile that shows how different compounds affect them. Users also have access to a database that catalogs anonymous data reported by other users.

And, of course, CannaDx users can share their results with friends on Facebook and Instagram.

The latest app builds on cannabis-testing technology already in use by MyDx, but adds new features such an algorithm that predicts how certain compounds will make a user feel, and expanded social sharing tools.

 “This major upgrade to the CannaDx Smartphone App will simplify the ability for users to enter or download just the desired amount of information and data, more quickly than ever,” Daniel Yazbeck, Chairman and CEO of MyDx, wrote in a news release. “Further, it also provides users with the tools for uploading or downloading more robust data, or generating a more sophisticated analysis of personal or aggregated MyDx community data quickly and conveniently in a user-friendly interface.”

MyDx now turns its attention to developing sensors that will detect pesticides in food, chemicals in water and toxins in the air, according to Yazbeck.

Photo: Marijuana matures at the Medicine Man dispensary and grow operation in northeast Denver in 2013. (AP/Ed Andrieski)


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