Apple’s developers conference is coming up. Let the speculation begin

Have you circled June 13 on your calendar?

Yes, that might be the first day your children are home from school on their summer vacations and you are bracing yourself for having them bounce off the walls for two months or so. Or, you’ve marked June 13 as the day you’ve roped yourself into paying a college semester’s-worth of tuition in order to sign up the kids for a variety of summer camps just so you can get them out of the house and have them bounce off someone else’s nerves for a few hours a day.

Or, you might remember that June 13 is the day when Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off in San Francisco. Things are a little different for the WWDC than in years past, as Apple CEO Tim Cook will deliver his keynote address at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium before the rest of the gathering moves over to its usual spot, Moscone West.

And while the event is a little more on the tech-spec side of things for an Apple shindig (the name “developers” is in the title, after all), that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a respectable amount of speculation going around about just what new things Cook and Apple have in store to show off to the public. Don’t hold your breath about the so-called iPhone 7 (wait for the usual Apple September event for that debut), but there will probably be at least one or two things that will get your attention, depending on where your interests lie.

Among the possible items Apple could be ready to show off are…

  • iOS 10, the operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Sales of those still pretty cool gadgets are slipping, but Apple likes to update iOS once a year, and giving developers a look at the next version would grease the wheels for that upcoming new iPhone this fall.
  • More from Siri. The voice-command personal assistant is expected to be upgraded so that it will work with the Mac. With Amazon’s Echo garnering much attention, and adding more capabilities of late, Apple is seen as having to do something to make it look like Siri isn’t falling behind the times. Apple may also offer up new ways for developers to write apps for Siri.
  • New versions of programs and apps like Photos and Apple Music. Photos could include many of the features that had been part of the popular iPhoto program, while Apple Music may see a new interface that’s easier to use.
  • A new external 5K display screen that you can connect to your MacBook laptop. Hey, it’s one “K” more than 4K, so it has to be better, right?

And if wracking your brain and trying to determine what Apple will bring out on stage isn’t enough to keep you awake a night for the next week and a half, you can also look into your crystal ball and guess who Cook has in store for the keynote-ending musical performance. Last year, it was The Weeknd doing the debut of his song “Can’t Feel My Face.”

This year…Well, Taylor Swift has been in a recent Apple ad. And it looks like she might be free these days.

Photo: Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at a product launch event on March 21 at Apple headquarters in Cupertino. Apple is gearing up for its annual developers conference, which starts June 13 in San Francisco. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)


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