Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s compensation drops amid troubles

Yahoo’s troubles cost CEO Marissa Mayer millions in compensation last year, a company filing reveals. The 40-year-old executive hauled in $36 million in 2015, a 15 percent drop from her $42 million in 2014.

The $6 million drop reflected decline in Yahoo’s stock price – Mayer received stock awards and options as part of her pay, according to Bloomberg, which based its report on a Yahoo regulatory filing.

“The CEO’s compensation also declined because the company failed to meet key financial goals last year, according to the filing,” the report said.

In that filing, Yahoo attributed below-average 2015 shareholder returns to slipping legacy businesses and a 22 percent drop in the market value of its currently $29 billion stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

Yahoo is up for sale, and has taken preliminary bids. Last week, the firm caved in under threat of a proxy fight and gave activist investor Starboard Value four seats on its board.

If Mayer gets the boot within a year of a sale, she’ll receive a $55 million compensation package, the New York Times reported Friday.

“The payout, which was disclosed in a regulatory filing on Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, would consist of cash, stock awards and other benefits if she is forced out within a year after a sale,” the Times article said.

Photo: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer delivers the keynote address Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016, at the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)


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  • -Jimbo3362

    Gee.. only $36M to run a failing company and put up with a few whiny investors… I guess she will have to put off that shopping trip to Hermes…

  • Auld_Reekie

    Poor Marisssa, when she gets canned she can always go on the dole along with all the others who are unable to find work in this pathetic economy!

  • Easy Ed

    Save your sympathy for the people who invested in yahoo.

  • EllaFino

    Tragic, however will she get by.