Got lunch money for an hour with Tim Cook?

If you’re willing to pay — dearly — for quality time with the CEO of the world’s most valuable company, act fast. You have nine more days to bid on lunch with Apple’s Tim Cook.

The highest of the 16 bids received since last week is $125,000, which is $75,000 less than last year’s winning bid. And considering a coffee with Cook in 2013 went for a reported $610,000, this year’s auction seems like a bargain so far.

The one-hour lunch for two at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters might go by fast, what with all the juicy topics you might want to bring up with Cook: How does it feel to fight the FBI; when is the iCar coming; is the next iPhone really going to be made of glass?

But even if you don’t get to all of that, take comfort in the fact that the package includes two VIP passes to an Apple keynote.

The bidding on CharityBuzz — which has also auctioned off lunches with other tech CEOs such as Elon Musk, Marissa Mayer and Jack Dorsey — closes May 9. Proceeds will go to the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization, whose board Cook recently joined.


Photo: Apple CEO Tim Cook. (Getty Images)


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  • David McDory

    Nothing. I don’t care about Cook, or Apple.

    Reminds me of how one pays for a time with a stripper or prostitute. Bad idea to do this.

  • Tom Jefferson

    Zero, I don’t do lunch with caretakers.

  • Guy LeDouche

    Who is Tim Cook?

  • Left Unsaid

    A share of apple stock will soon be about 40 bucks, that may be a little generous to Timmy.

  • Joe in San Jose

    5 Bucks, as long as he was buying.

  • Miffler J. Tripod

    You’d have to pay me…a lot.

  • Khaleesisdoormat

    Nothing, since it will only go to somebody who is rich.

  • Kali Wiaka

    Tim should pay to have lunch with me! I can then tell him what’s really wrong with Apple Corp.