PayPal hits North Carolina hard over its ‘bathroom’ law

PayPal has joined the backlash against North Carolina over a new state law that bars local governments from passing their own civil rights ordinances.

Last month, the state legislature passed a new law to override a civil rights ordinance passed by Charlotte that allowed transgender people to choose the bathroom they want depending on their gender identity.

Now, according to the new law, people should use the bathrooms assigned to their genders at birth.

That law immediately created a problem for PayPal, the electronic payments company based in San Jose, which had recently announced that it would open a new global operations center in Charlotte, the state’s biggest city.

PayPal, which spun off from Ebay last year, planned to hire more than 400 people.

But those plans are off, Dan Schulman, PayPayl’s president and chief executive, said in a statement:

The new law perpetuates discrimination and it violates the values and principles that are at the core of PayPal’s mission and culture.  As a result, PayPal will not move forward with our planned expansion into Charlotte.

Our decision is a clear and unambiguous one. But we do regret that we will not have the opportunity to be a part of the Charlotte community and to count as colleagues the skilled and talented people of the region. As a company that is committed to the principle that everyone deserves to live without fear of discrimination simply for being who they are, becoming an employer in North Carolina, where members of our teams will not have equal rights under the law, is simply untenable.

Other tech companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook have complained about North Carolina’s law. Google Ventures has said it won’t invest in startups in the state as long as the law is in place.

Will other Silicon Valley firms use their economic might on North Carolina and other states considering such proposals?

Above: The exterior of PayPal’s offices in San Jose.  (AP/Paul Sakuma)


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  • BillStewart2012

    Hey, it’s been a long time since Southern states have had an excuse to tell people what bathroom they had to use. Mississippi just passed a similar law.

    • Jerry Bennett

      Your premise is a fraud. You can choose to cross dress in public or not.

    • Aaron Skidog

      So, a person’s race is the same as their weird mental disorder that makes them not accept the gender that nature assigned them? Why is their comfort more important than the masses of females that would feel invaded upon?

      • BillStewart2012

        So my friend who’s genetically XXY – which gender do you think nature assigned her?

        • doug s

          Does she have an innie or an outie?

  • Jerry Smith

    What is the problem? I had homos and perverts peeking over the chastity panels when using public facilities. Get used to it, encouraged and protected by lawmakers they’ll grow in vast numbers.

  • Jerry Bennett

    The unspoken goal: enable cross-dressers to go out in public in drag and use the restroom as they are dressed. Otherwise cross-dressers would have to risk embarrassment. Yes this certainly is a burning issue. Once you patronize the cross-dressers their logic drives you. How ridiculous.

  • Capt Crunch

    what’s the problem, just build unisex facilities with the appropriate privacy amenities. Come on PayPal if you build it other will follow. Onee question: you claim to have a culture of diversity and non discriminatory practices. Yet it would appear as it only would apply to those to whom your organization agrees with. Being all inclusive come with the price of acceptance regardless of the miss guides ideas of the few. Real leaders set the example of high standards and not run away and use finaincial blackmail against average Americans who’s politicians abandon them until the next election cycle.

    • Aaron Skidog

      That’s not good enough. They want to punish anyone that doesn’t think like them. It’s oppression masked as progress.

  • Waltwj

    This is insane. People are either male or female, and it’s determined by your genetics. Just like your ethnicity. As much as Michael Jackson wanted to be white, he wasn’t. As much as Rachel Dolezal wanted to be black, she’s not. She’s white. As much as Bruce Jenner wants to be female, he’s not. All these things are determined at conception when your genes come together and created a new person. None of these things are a choice.

    Encouraging these people to believe things that aren’t true is simply encouraging their delusion. These people need help.

    Google, Pay Pal, Apple, Facebook, etc, are all doing these people harm.

    “Normal” has a definition. So does “abnormal”. Is down syndrome normal? Down syndrome is about 5 times more likely than transgender.

  • Aaron Skidog

    So, PayPal wants grown men to share a bathroom with my teen daughters? It’s time to boycott PayPal! Start making these perversion promoters, and oppressors of religious freedom feel the sting of the silent majority! Cancel your accounts, and make sure they know why.

    • Barrack King Putt Obola

      Agreed. Sue PayPal if any perv commits a sexual crime in one of these open bathhouses… Er… I mean bathrooms.

  • Barrack King Putt Obola

    No matter how or what or who you have s3x with… You cannot change the fact you have either MALE or FEMALE chromosomes. You cannot change that fact no more how pretty in pink you look.

  • El #2

    Don’t sell out to blackmail … we most do what’s right ,we got along fine without them this long . Who needs them. hopefully they take their queers with them.

  • C Jones

    Above all, I love all of my brothers and sisters no matter what race or color or gender or sexual preference etc. I encourage you to do the same, including for your Governor. That stated, it doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with everyone’s values, beliefs and personal preferences all the time.

    To have only one particular group get special access to any bathroom they want, based on their personal beliefs or sexual preferences is not practicing equal rights. That is giving a group special rights. Such a group is hoping for special entitlement.

    The other US States should follow NC’s lead when it comes to this bathroom portion of the law. Using biological gender at time of birth as a basis for legal identity, as with determining which gender bathroom to use, is the only way to make sure equal rights are enforced. If not, to practice equal rights, bathrooms would have to be open to all genders (everyone), and that simply would not be safe, especially to the factually, physically weaker female gender and children. How would any of you feel if your mom or sister was murdered, raped, or otherwise assaulted by a physically stronger (biological but identifies to be other) man in a woman’s bathroom? What will PayPal, et al, have to say at that point?

    One of the main problems that needs to be solved in this country is to understand the difference between special rights and equal rights. Reverse discrimination is equally bad as discrimination. If someone, in any group, is advocating for special rights for your group, please encourage them to stop. They are encouraging reverse discrimination which, in turn, is encouraging discrimination itself. Explain the difference between equal rights and special rights. They are only hurting your cause in cases where there truly may be discrimination.

    Beware of political, public relations, and marketing motivations everyone, before you oppose the law. It looks like States and companies are fueling the fire for their own gain, and have no problem causing disharmony and protests between people of all kinds. Love one another! Protect equal rights not special rights. Don’t let politically and/or economically selfish people stir you up and cause you to oppose the law. Don’t let politically and economically motivated people, States, and companies cause you to lose your own common sense. Think of the consequences yourself! Avoid knee jerk reactions to others emotional response and help educate them if for nothing else, to preserve your integrity when you really do have cause for discrimination.

    Lastly, should a private (non-government funded) business be allowed to hire/fire based on their own preferences? Would this cause chaos or would these businesses do the right thing because they know people would vote with their feet if they didn’t? Thoughts??

  • doug s

    The state is free to adopt whatever laws it chooses regarding use of public bathrooms.

    Private businesses are free to locate in that state or not, as they choose, based on reasons that may include the state’s stance on the LGBT issues.

  • Brad Wacker

    Well, actually, you can also be XXY, XYY, XX male, X, XXX, XXXX, XXXXY, and XXXXX. But don’t let ignorance stop you. Also others that I did not list.

    • Barrack King Putt Obola

      Please do let me know if there is anything other than xx or xy. I’m not aware of any other mutations.