CUPS app keeps the coffee flowing with Bay Area expansion

Do you dream of unlimited coffee to help get you through the workday?

You may be in luck. Catering to the most hardcore coffee lovers, a new app promises to keep users caffeinated at all times.

CUPS, previously available in New York and Philadelphia, expanded to the Bay Area this week. Wednesday and Thursday, anyone who downloads the app can take advantage of unlimited free coffee from 40 coffee shops in San Francisco and the East Bay.

Once the free coffee buzz wears off, CUPS lets users sign up for plans tailored to meet their coffee consumption. For $90 a month, users can get unlimited drip coffee, iced coffee and tea. For those who enjoy fancier brewed beverages, a $120 plan gives them unlimited access to all drinks. Or users can opt for cheaper five or 15-cup plans. Once users buy a plan, they use their phone at their favorite participating store to pick up their coffee.

You won’t find a Starbucks or Peet’s on the app. Instead, CUPS partners with independent coffee shops, including Wicked Grounds in SOMA, Flywheel Coffee Roasters in the Haight, and three Artis locations.

CUPS says its goal is to level the playing field for independent coffee shops by bringing them together to create a new kid of chain.

“Our 200+ locations in New York alone make us the second-largest coffee ‘chain’ in the city after Starbucks,” the company writes on its website, “giving member locations the kind of mobile loyalty/marketing program that would normally be reserved for a larger corporation.”

Image: The CUPS app. (Courtesy of CUPS)




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