Techies, get ready for a really big shew!

Ed Sullivan, that legendary TV talk-show host whose accent helped him mangle the word “show” each night, would be salivating over the big tech extravaganza coming in early May to the Santa Clara Convention Center.

For the first time ever, organizers from UK-based Informa are combining not one, not two, not three …. but FOUR different tech conferences, rolling them up in a big digital ball, and pitching it to fans in May, staggered over the 10th, 11th and 12th. Event planners are expecting 10,000 attendees, some of whom will fork over more than $3,000 to experience the cream of the crop. (there’s no admission fee to visit the exhibit hall)

The overlapping conferences include the well-known annual Apps World North America, which previously had been held in San Francisco. There’s also the first-ever Future Connected Cars meeting and the Wearable World Congress, which will celebrate the latest in All Tech Wearable.

Last, but certainly not least, is the annual Internet of Things World, also held in the past in San Francisco and now making its debut in Silicon Valley:

Taking place May 10-12 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, Internet of Things World will bring together innovators and experts from the entire IoT ecosystem under one roof. With 6.4 billion connected things estimated to be used worldwide in 2016, up 30% from 2015, developing the right apps for IoT is key and collaboration between industry players is crucial! Join us at the world’s largest and most comprehensive IoT event to learn how IoT and apps are converging and how to maximize the IoT’s value to you.

Here are some of the offerings at just one of the four event – the unofficial prince of the party: the Internet of Things World:

 Industry leading conference: Featuring 350 speakers covering a range of key IoT vertical topics plus a new Executive Keynote Day.

 Startup City: Will showcase more than 150 innovative startup businesses leading the IoT revolution.

 The IoT for Cities Hackathon: More than 200 developers, scientists, students and entrepreneurs will build IoT solutions for Intelligent Cities and compete over the course of 2 days.

Free expo only pass: Attendees will have access to top conference events including the IoT Open Source Summit and the Ecosystem Center Stage without purchasing a full conference pass.

Analyst breakfast briefings: Attendees have the opportunity to meet with top industry analysts to discuss key market trends and developments every morning before the conference begins.

Gavin Whitechurch, founder of the IoT conference, told me this morning that by combining the four shows into one big event, more people will be able to easily see more cool cutting-edge things and hear more industry-leading speakers since the goings-on will be spread over 100,000 square feet of contiguous space at the sprawling convention center.

“This will be the highest-attended of all of our shows,” Whitechurch said. “We expect to exceed 10,000, considering how our first IoT conference drew 700 people and the second drew 5,800. This is actually the world’s largest show dedicated to Iot. It’s a huge topic of discussion these days here in Silicon Valley and around the world, and our event has tracked the growth of IoT.”

While Apps World, the IoT event and the wearables conference are all repeats, this is the first year that the smart-cars event has been pulled out as its own show, said Whitechurch. Smart cars, he said, “are a massive area of innovation in the Valley. It makes sense to have the conference here, especially with all these driverless Google cars running around.”

In a release announcing the IoT conference, Whitechurch talked about the exquisite timing of the show here in the heart of IoT-obsessed Silicon Valley:

“The Internet of Things is made up of transformative technology – touching nearly every industry in today’s world. We started Internet of Things World to help companies navigate the evolving IoT landscape and the event has matched the market’s explosive growth, accelerating from 700 attendees to over 10 000 in less than two years. Innovators from around the world gather at the show to showcase their latest IoT advancements and to network with and learn from their peers. Attending the show is essential as companies strive to launch new solutions or remain competitive in this rapidly evolving market.”

Find more information about the conferences here.

Credit: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich talks about the Internet of Things at the company’s developer conference in 2014. (Courtesy of Intel)


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  • Mike Demler

    Umm.. Ed Sullivan a “talk-show” host? Must have been before your time Patrick. He pretty much invented the VARIETY show, famous for Elvis, Beatles, etc.

    • Lafayette Escadrill

      Mike, you and me have been around for awhile 🙂