Zuckerberg seems to take a swipe at Trump on immigration

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, appeared to take a swipe at Donald Trump and other GOP presidential hopefuls just hours after participating in a brief to the Supreme Court on the immigration issue.

On Tuesday, Zuckerberg joined other executives and groups in filing a brief in a case before the Supreme Court that challenges the Obama administration’s executive orders on illegal immigration. In April, the Court is expected to hear oral arguments in U.S. v. Texas that will consider whether President Obama has the legal authority to temporarily allow 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay and seek legal work.

Zuckerberg and other leaders such as Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, made the business arguments for why the courts should support the president’s actions.

But on his Facebook post, Zuckerberg made moral and emotional arguments that took into account the political debate in the U.S. during the presidential primaries. He specifically called out the prescription for building a wall on the southern border, something Trump has advocated for:

As I travel around the world, I see many nations turning inwards. I hear growing voices for building walls and distancing people labeled as “other.” Whether it’s refugees, undocumented immigrants or underrepresented minorities, I hope we have the wisdom to understand that the best path forward is always to bring people together, not divide them.

I hope we find the compassion and courage to give everyone a fair shot, to treat everyone with respect and dignity, and do what we can to make this world better for all people — not just people who look like us or live near us.

More than 200,000 people had liked the post by the morning. And Zuckerberg jumped briefly into the more than 22,000 comments, most of them supportive in my quick review. He chimed in, “We are all immigrants.”

Not all the comments were supportive.

One person wrote: “How many of those undocumented children are you moving into your house Mark?”

Another said, “When Donald J Trump gets elected. I shall be deleting my Facebook account.”

Zuckerberg has long backed immigration reform, mostly through the issues advocacy group, FWD.us.

But it is notable that he is jumping into the fray when political hopefuls are gaining traction with messages of cracking down on illegal immigration.

It’s a risk to Facebook, but one Zuckerberg seems willing to accept.

Above: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. (Photo by Ted S. Warren-Pool/Getty Images)


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  • Mark

    As it stands, top grads who apply at Facebook are, more often than not, greeted with silence. Not even accorded the courtesy of a professional response from Facebook’s recruitment staff. It makes no sense whatsoever that Zuckerberg would be complaining about the labour pool when his own staff aren’t even bothering to tap it.
    The illegals need to go home. The legals (ie: H-1B’s) need to be shown the door. Let Americans get back to working American jobs!

    • hoapres


      It won’t happen.

  • hoapres

    The SJMN makes a special announcement.

    ONLY those that AGREE with the SJMN will be allowed to post.

    ALL OTHERS will be banned.

  • EllaFino

    Gaining traction with idiots.

  • Cyberdemon

    Lucky for Zookerdumb is he doesn’t need to deal with illegal aliens while the rest of Bay Area resident see them everyday and most breaking crimes or something there.