Cook, Musk, Page attended GOP meeting to stop Trump, report says

Donald Trump isn’t too fond of Apple — perhaps the feeling is mutual.

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly was among the tech bigwigs at a secret meeting on Sea Island off the coast of Georgia with the Republican party establishment and others over the weekend. The meeting’s purpose, according to the Huffington Post, was to find a way to beat Trump, the businessman and reality-TV star turned presidential front-runner who has the Republican elite in a tizzy.

Other tech figures who were reportedly at the American Enterprise Institute’s annual World Forum: SpaceX and Tesla’s Elon Musk, Google co-founder Larry Page and Sean Parker of Napster and Facebook fame.

Trump has slammed Apple in public, saying during a January speech that “we’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers in this country instead of other countries.” One of his campaign talking points is bringing jobs back to America. He has repeated the statement about Apple at least a couple of times, without providing details about how he might influence Apple’s manufacturing practices — like many other companies, it makes most of its products in Asia — or turn back globalization. During that same speech, Trump reportedly proposed a 35 percent tax on American companies that make their products overseas.

In February, Trump called for a boycott of Apple over the Silicon Valley company’s controversial refusal to help the FBI unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino killers. As many pointed out, though, Trump — a skillful user of social media — often tweets from an iPhone, and owns a couple of million dollars worth of Apple stock. Trump later tweeted he uses both an iPhone and a Samsung phone, and would use only his Samsung until Apple gave in and helped the authorities. (He might be using that Samsung for a while.)

By the way, the Huffington Post also reports that one senator in attendance, Tom Cotton, was “harsh” and “hostile” toward Cook over Apple’s battle with the FBI.

As for how Trump has addressed other tech-related issues: After the deadly San Bernardino massacre in December and amid renewed concerns about terrorists’ online use, he said “we have to see Bill Gates” about “closing that Internet up in some ways.” And last week, the candidate who has ridden a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment said during a televised debate that he was “softening” his position on H-1B visas — something he has criticized Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and fellow presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio over — although his campaign backtracked on that the next day.

Trump has also reportedly spoken a little about U.S. cybersecurity by pointing at China as the top threat.

Other notable attendees of the weekend meeting, according to the Huffington Post: Longtime GOP strategist Karl Rove, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy. Also: billionaire Philip Anschutz, New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol.


Photo: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump signs autographs at a campaign rally March 7, 2016 in Concord, North Carolina. (Sean Rayford/Getty Images)


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  • Jon

    Sounds more like a meeting of liberal Democrats out to stop Trump.

    Trump 2016!

    • alrui

      Agreed 100%!

    • vicweast

      Two idiots. One comment page.

      Trump in 2016 is not really your fault (you are idiots after all), but it is the natural outgrowth of a political process (both parties) that does not censure itself when it’s adherents (brown shirts in your cases) make bloated pig sounds when your would-be authoritarian figure passes gas in your direction.

      Maybe you should stick to finger painting when you are throwing a tantrum.

      • Seb Hoshino

        Maybe you should stick to fingering something else before commenting…lol
        You’re obviously a very angry, stressed individual (I would be too if my dog were that ugly), but it’s okayy relaaaxx, we had our 8 years of a liberal president who somehow managed to achieve nothing short of operating a “selfie-stick” during his time, so what legacy are you trying to defend.. come on,, really (even the Iran deal is falling through, his “cornerstone” haha). Just get a hobby besides trolling and your life will have more meaning, I promise.
        Anyways, kudos! Hope your dog gets better!

  • alrui

    Boycott these a-holes & their products (in the case of Musk he’s just a scam artist fleecing the public coffers anyway!). Trump is the only one that can TRY to turn this country around – with the rest (dem & repub) it will be the same old cronyism as we have now!

    • Bopper

      Trump has close to zero chance to win a general election. Can’t count how many groups, individuals, entire countries! he’s offended. It’s all political theater with him and it appears his appeal has peaked and is now headed for the downside. The Silicon Valley bigwigs don’t really need to spend their time on StopTrump initiatives. The blonde blowhard will stop himself.

      • Funsa

        You may be right – but then again don’t blame him, blame the people who support his sentiments. All this points to is that citizens are really fedup with the current state of affairs.

    • vicweast

      Based on your immediate ugly tone and your uninformed knee-jerk response, I am probably not the first person to return your attitude back at you:

      —–> You are an idiot who knows little and understands less.

      I know it’s a stretch to diagnose your intelligence and psychological well-being at a distance, but you probably would not disappoint in real life, say while you asked me if I wanted fries with that. Here, let me be kind and wipe the spittle off your cheek (people are staring at the spectacle of you).


      • Funsa

        Hell – what a response? If you don’t agree, then attack him personally. Bro – YOU should grow up.

        • alrui

          Thanks Funsa:-) I agree. Not sure why when a person shares an opposing opinion on anything its “ugly”, etc to some. Bottom line is the establishment is scared of Trump or ANY outsider – if the outsider were Joe the plumber or whoever I would support them instead, the old guard has got to go!

  • preferred user

    While I’m not a trump supporter (or democratic voter either ) the 1% ,their companies ,Super Pac’s ,liberal media and academia and and lobbyists should not be able manipulate and buy our elections !

    A lot of these are the same folks in the DAVOS crowd that want a global government to perpetuate their oligarchy and concentrate their wealth !

  • Bruce Zeng

    Poor Trump,however the people who support him will stand firmer just because of the voice from these bigwigs.