Cisco puts $500 million up for ‘Deutschland Digital’

Cisco Systems said Tuesday that it will pump $500 million into a three-year program to accelerate Germany’s “digitization.”

The money will go toward a Deutschland Digital scheme that includes digitization projects, research projects and Cisco’s Networking Academy, which it hopes to expand from 35,000 German graduates a year to 80,000 over the next three years. There will also be investments in venture funds and infrastructure.

Digitizations – roughly, the computerization of processes now done manually – “gives you the ability to secure data, act on data and deliver value based on data,” according to Oliver Tuszik, general manager Cisco Germany.

A Cisco innovation center called openBerlin, that launched in 2015, will have a key role to play in the digitization push, Cisco said in announcing the initiative.

“We will massively expand our educational programs, both for young people and professionals,” Tuszik said, by improving digital know-how of non-IT professionals in small to medium sized companies.

Cisco said it will fund a research initiative to implement German privacy and data protection regulations into software and cloud services.

In addition, Cisco plans to establish a “Security Center of Excellence” in Germany. The aim is to build an ecosystem of customers, partners, academia, and start-ups around security-related challenges and how to solve them. The focus is on finding solutions to specific challenges within a reasonable time frame.

Cisco also has digitization initiatives in France, the UK and Italy.

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