Jay Z’s Tidal loses CFO and COO

Depending on his math, rapper, musician and self-described “Business, Man” Jay Z has 99 problems, and the lack of a chief financial officer and chief operating officer, ain’t two of them.

Or, they just might be.

That’s because those two are Chris Hart and Nils Juell, the now-former CFO and COO, respectively, of Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service. Hart was reportedly fired over his handling of Tidal’s user and streaming figures, while no immediate reason for Juell’s firing was given.

Whoever get the jobs next might not want to get too settled in at their desks, however. Since Tidal was acquired last year by Jay Z, the company has seen two chief executives, and a handful of other leadership talent depart.

On top of a leadership vacuum, Tidal was also hit with a lawsuit on Saturday filed by John Emanuele, who is one-half of the duo group American Dollar. Emanuele is seeking class-action status for other artists with his suit, and claims that Tidal owes him $17.7 million in royalties for songs on the Tidal service.

Tidal is also a rumored acquisition target. Last week, the New York Post reported that Samsung is again looking to buy the service.

Maybe all the upheaval has something to do with Jay Z himself as a “Business, Man”? It’s too bad his wife, Beyonce, isn’t running the Tidal show. Everyone loves Beyonce, after all. Especially girls and Drake.

Photo: Jay Z (AFP/Getty)


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