Reddit hires Mark Luckie, formerly of Twitter and critic of tech’s lack of diversity

Reddit, the Internet company, has hired Mark Luckie, a vocal critic of tech’s lack of diversity.

Luckie will be Reddit’s new head of journalism and media, NBC News reported. He previously worked at Twitter as manager of news and journalism.

Reddit has struggled over the past couple years with a host of issues related to diversity — its management, under former CEO Ellen Pao, tried to assert some rules on channels, known as subreddits, about what sort of speech was unacceptable. Pao left the company in July of 2015. Now Steve Huffman, the company’s co-founder, is CEO.

All this makes Luckie’s hire fascinating. What Luckie is most known for is his ongoing critique of the tech industry’s lack of diversity and a willingness to jump into the fray on the topic.

Luckie wrote about what it is like to be black in a tech company, as we wrote about, taking aim at Silicon Valley’s “idea of ‘culture fit:’ ”

Employees are actively encouraged to suggest friends or former colleagues for open roles….Candidates are pooled from the same universities. The Stanfords and Berkeleys of the world, which themselves suffer from low numbers of enrolled students of color, are considered the gateway to top talent.

Luckie also criticized Twitter’s decision to hire Jeffrey Siminoff, formerly director of worldwide inclusion and diversity at Apple, for a similar role at the Internet firm, as we wrote then:

Now at Reddit, expect to see Luckie use the popular Internet platform to talk more about issues of diversity and tech.

As DonQuixoteLaMancha said on Reddit:

This could get interesting.

Above: Reddit logo, courtesy of Reddit.


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  • Saiful Rimkeit

    Mr. Luckie,
    It was shown about 3 years ago last time Reverend Jackson complained on the same subject that the % of Blacks and Latinos hired in Silicon Valley number about the % of Black and Latino students attending STEM schools.
    BTW Mr. Luckie,
    Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Swede, Canadian, Iranian, Spanish, Hungarians, Norwegian, Turk, Filipino, Pakistani, Hungarian, Indian, Ukrainian,etc ain’t diverse enough for you, ey? I see.