Quoted: T-Mobile CEO apologizes about dissing EFF over Binge On criticism

“Look, by now you know that I am a vocal, animated and sometimes foul-mouthed CEO. I don’t filter myself and you know that no one at T-Mobile filters me either (no, they don’t even try). That means I will sometimes incite a bit of a ‘social media riot’, but I’m not going to apologize for that. I will however apologize for offending EFF and its supporters. Just because we don’t completely agree on all aspects of Binge On doesn’t mean I don’t see how they fight for consumers.”

John Legere, T-Mobile CEO, in an open letter Monday. Lately, Legere has been defending his company’s practices related to its Binge On offering, including against the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco-based non-profit that advocates for Internet rights. The EFF said it found that Binge On, a feature that allows T-Mobile customers to stream video and not have it count against their data caps, throttles all video when it’s turned on — even video from YouTube, which is not a Binge On partner and has complained about being throttled.

In a tweet and video last week, Legere asked, “Who the f— are you, anyway, EFF? Why are you stirring up so much trouble?” That didn’t go over too well with the EFF and its supporters.

In his letter Monday, Legere repeated his defense of Binge On, which has raised issues about net neutrality. Net neutrality rules prohibit throttling.

“We invented Binge On to provide customers with an easy and effective way to stretch their data bucket,” he said. The service exempts video streams from Netflix, Hulu and other partners from data caps. Legere and T-Mobile have insisted that Binge On doesn’t violate net neutrality because customers can choose to turn it on or off — and some lawyers say the company has a point, according to Ars Technica.

The Federal Communications Commission has requested meetings with T-Mobile and other companies that have zero-rating offerings, or programs that don’t count against data caps.


Photo: T-Mobile CEO John Legere in 2013. (Associated Press)


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  • Agent Smith Jr.

    You have the choice of turning it off and using your data plan, or using Binge On and not having the video data count (although the quality is limited). Not a perfect plan, but certainly not horrible.