CES: Smart products for your clever pet

LAS VEGAS — In the emerging world of the Internet of Things, is it any surprise that even pets products are getting smart and connected?

Among the many everyday gadgets on display at the CES conference here that now have microchips or wireless antennas are a growing number of gizmos designed for pets and their owners. These devices allow owners to interact with their pets and keep them stimulated when the owners are away from home — and even track their pets activities.

If you’re worried about Fido sleeping around all day, getting into things he shouldn’t or gobbling down all his food at once, CleverPet has the answer. Its CleverPet Hub is a combination puzzle game and food dispenser for dogs.

Before leaving, owners load up the Hub with food for the day and turn it on. The device then flashes lights on its base in different patterns. If your dog touches the light pads in the right order, the Hub will dispense a small amount of food. The Hub is designed to adjust its light puzzles to adapt to individual dogs, making them more difficult for particularly bright pups. Pavlov, eat your heart out!

Those who are worried about how much exercise their canine companion is getting have their choice of products here. British company Pitapet has a device called the PitPat that attaches to a dog collar that has a one-year battery life and transfers data on your dog’s walking, running, sleeping and other activities to a smartphone app. WonderWoof’s BowTie device does something similar, but in a shape that hides its sensors inside what looks like snazzy neckware.

And should your dog — or cat — get lonely, don’t worry. PetChatz, which last year introduced a video phone that owners can use to check in on their pets, now has an accessory for it called the PawCall that allows Fido or Kitty to call you. You can set the schedule, but when the light on the device blinks, your pet can press the button and initiate a call over the company’s video phone.

If you are more of a cat person than dog lover, you can check out the Petcube. The device has a camera that allows you to peek in on your furry felines and take pictures of their antics and share them on social media. It also comes with a laser pointer that you can control with a swipe on a cell phone screen to prompt their playtime.

So, no need to worry about your pet when you stay late at work or go out of town. The Internet of Things has got you covered and can assuage your guilt.


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