Biz Stone revives Jelly, his question-and-answer startup

Biz Stone, one of the co-founders of Twitter, took to Medium Thursday to announce that his Q&A startup Jelly would be back in action.

Stone, the CEO of Jelly, launched the company in 2014 to make an app that allows users to get quick answers to their questions from other users. Real people helping each other, not search engine algorithms, is the way he pitched it.

But then, Stone appeared to back away from Jelly to work on another startup, Super, an opinion app.

But now Jelly is back to its original vision, said Stone:

For anyone who remembers Jelly, yes, we took a break but we’re back 100%. Silicon Valley types might call this an, “un-pivot.”

Stone pitches Jelly (again) as a way to get quick answers without tapping into one’s social networks:

Asking Jelly is not attached to your identity — you don’t need to create an account to get answers. Asking Jelly is as familiar as a search engine but the engine part is the wondrous power of nice, helpful people.

It will be interesting to see if Stone’s businesses become more than the interesting dabblings of a successful entrepreneur.

Jelly has a lot of competitors, the biggest being probably Google. Many of us find wading through search results for the answer to a question not that onerous, as TechCrunch pointed out:

Quora has a strong hold on the social Q&A space, though it’s a bit more stately and longwinded than Jelly aims to be. Meanwhile, ever present social media creates an appealing place to toss out questions in hopes of assistance. And Googling is so deeply routed into our behavior that it’s hard for Jelly to change our ways.

Above: A gossamer jellyfish. (JUDITH CALSON/MERCURY NEWS) 


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