CES: Intel CEO says company met 2015 diversity goals

LAS VEGAS — Intel has made a good start on meeting its diversity goals, company CEO Brian Krzanich said in his keynote speech before the opening of the CES convention here.

Last year, 43 percent of the people Intel hired were women or members of under-represented minority groups, Krzanich said. The company had set a 40 percent target for itself.

Meanwhile, the giant chipmaker was able to retain women and members of those minority groups at the same rates as other employees.

Krzanich also announced that Intel will provide a semiannual report on its effort to meet its diversity goals.

“There’s far more to do,” Krzanich said. But he added, “I’m confident that when I stand up on this stage in 2020 that we will not only have met our goal of full representation, but we will have truly changed the dynamic in our industry and beyond.”

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has led a high-profile campaign that has put a spotlight on the lack of diversity at Intel and many tech companies. Those businesses have been under pressure to help train and hire more women and minority workers.

Last year, Krzanich committed to making Intel’s workforce as diverse as the available talent pool within five years. He also pledged $300 million toward training more women and minority workers.

The update on Intel’s diversity effort came at the end of Kranich’s speech. He used the bulk of his presentation, his third straight opening address at CES, to talk about how Intel’s latest generation of chips are being used in Internet of Things devices, including bracelets that can make music in response to particular gestures and sensors that can track the athletes’ movements.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich giving the opening keynote speech at the 2016 CES conference. (Troy Wolverton, Mercury News)


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