SolarCity, citing regulators, pulls out of Nevada

The rooftop solar industry in Nevada is getting white hot — and that’s just the temperature between regulators and solar companies.

SolarCity today ceased all business in the state in reaction to regulators cutting solar subsidies. Nevada is one of 17 U.S. states served by the San Mateo-based company.

CEO Lyndon Rive took a swipe at Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and the state public utilities commission this afternoon.

“This is a very difficult decision but Governor Sandoval and his PUC leave us no choice. The people of Nevada have consistently chosen solar, but yesterday their state government decided to end customer choice, damage the state’s economy, and jeopardize thousands of jobs,” Rive said in a statement.

Stock prices for SolarCity and Nevada’s other largest installer, Sunrun, took a hit after the regulators’ announcement.

On Tuesday, the Nevada PUC hiked monthly fees for solar users and dropped rates that customers receive for selling back power to utilities. Solar advocates and industry officials warn the regulations, slated to phase in Jan. 1, will decimate rooftop solar in the state.

The commission said the average, annual subsidies for rooftop customers was $623 in southern Nevada and $471 in the northern part of the state.

Rive said commissioners sided with the state utility at the expense of customers. “We have no alternative but to cease Nevada sales and installations, but we will fight this flawed decision on behalf of our Nevada customers and employees.”

The setback comes on the heels of two big victories this month for renewables in California and Washington, D.C. State regulators proposed largely keeping in place solar net metering rates, despite a vigorous set of proposals from public utilities trying to hike prices.  Congress extended a 30 percent investment tax credit for installing renewable energy systems.

A solar advocacy group stated it will sue Nevada to halt the regulatory changes.

Photo: SolarCity workers install rooftop panels. (D. Ross Cameron/BANG Staff)


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  • 如果你能读懂这些文字,你就是个老外

    Obvious, the Governor of Nevada and his staff have thier fingers in the Honeypot of utility companies, these would love to serve us more of their oh so “clean” nuclear power.

  • 如果你能读懂这些文字,你就是个老外

    The Governor himself was once an attorney for a utility shareholders group.