Quoted: Jeff Bezos trolls SpaceX after its historic rocket landing

“Congrats @SpaceX on landing Falcon’s suborbital booster stage. Welcome to the club!”

Jeff Bezos tweet after SpaceX, a rival of his space company Blue Origin, achieved a historic landing of a booster back on Earth Monday night.

Blue Origin successfully landed a rocket last month and got a congratulatory tweet from SpaceX (and Tesla Motors) CEO Elon Musk.

But as I wrote then, Musk was also quick to point out — on Twitter, where billionaires go to brag about their space-capades and such — that Blue Origin’s landing wasn’t quite as difficult as what Tesla has been attempting to do for a while. In other words, Musk might not take kindly to the “welcome to the club” tweet.

Bezos didn’t respond to Musk’s handful of clarifying tweets then — perhaps he was saving up for this occasion. And Musk hasn’t tweeted anything back to Bezos today, but Bezos is getting an earful from the Twittersphere.

And the tweeple aren’t the only ones pointing out the difference:

“The SpaceX booster was more powerful and flying faster in order to put satellites into orbit,” the Associated Press notes.

And from the Washington Post (which Bezos owns, by the way): “On Monday, SpaceX’s first flight since its Falcon 9 rocket blew up in June, Musk topped his fellow tech billionaire and space rival, by landing a larger, more powerful rocket designed to send payloads to orbit, and not just past the boundary of what’s considered space. It was a much more complicated feat that was celebrated as another leap forward for Musk and his merry band of rocketeers.”

Both Musk and Bezos have talked about the importance of reusable rockets as a step toward interplanetary living.

Here’s a video of the SpaceX landing.


Photo at top: The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully lands at historic Complex 13 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Monday, Dec. 21, 2015. The rocket, carrying 11 communications satellites for Orbcomm, is the first launch of the rocket since a failed mission to the International Space Station in June. (Craig Bailey/Florida Today via AP)


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