Farewell to Flash, sort of: Adobe dropping Flash name in newest creation tool

Adobe is dropping the Flash name from its Web animation tools as the company continues its long goodbye to the much-maligned Flash.

Pointing to the rise of the HTML5 standard — more than a third of the content created with Adobe’s software is now in HTML5 — the company announced Monday that the new name for Flash Professional will be Adobe Animation CC. The San Jose company “encourages content creators to build with new Web standards,” it said in a blog post. In other words, stop building with Flash already.

Flash has throughout the years been criticized as buggy and insecure, with its most famous critic being the late Steve Jobs. The manifesto penned by Jobs in 2010 set off the decline of Flash as Apple refused to allow it to run on its popular iGadgets. Jobs said Flash was a closed Web standard; called it the No. 1 reason Macs crashed; and said it was made for the PC and mouse era, not the age of mobile and touchscreens. By the next year Adobe began making changes, including stopping support for Flash on mobile at the end of 2011, and subsequently updating its tools to make way for HTML5.

Most recently, I wrote of different moves by various major Web players away from Flash: YouTube. Amazon. Google’s Chrome rolled out pausing Flash ads by default. Firefox maker Mozilla is encouraging developers to switch over to HTML5.

But Adobe notes that it will continue to support Flash as long as it’s online.

“Flash continues to be used in key categories like Web gaming and premium video, where new standards have yet to fully mature,” Adobe said in its blog post. So the company said it will work with partners including Microsoft, Google and Facebook in ensuring reliability and security of Flash content.


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