Blue Origin rocket landing: Jeff Bezos vs. Elon Musk in space race

Jeff Bezos and his space company, Blue Origin, have nailed a rocket landing and set off a space race with another famous rocket man, Elon Musk.

Bezos, whose other company is Amazon, announced the milestone Tuesday morning in his first tweet ever.

His announcement prompted a congratulatory tweet from Elon Musk, whose SpaceX has been working for years on reusable rockets. Rockets obviously are expensive, and cost-effective space travel requires rockets that live beyond a single launch. But Musk, who likes to use Twitter for his communications (and even recruitment), notes that Bezos used the word “rarest” and wants to set the record straight.

In other words, according to Musk, it was easier for Blue Origin to nail a landing — because rocket science. (According to Engadget‘s summary, SpaceX’s rocket goes faster and has a lot farther to fall.)

SpaceX’s last attempt to land a rocket intact, in late June, ended with an explosion that it attributes to faulty struts.

Blue Origin has been lesser known than SpaceX so far, but today’s announcement raises its profile.

“We are building Blue Origin to seed an enduring human presence in space, to help us move beyond this blue planet that is the origin of all we know,” Bezos said in a blog post. Sounds a lot like Musk, who talks a lot about the importance of multi-planetary living. And we’re off to the space races.


Photo of a New Shepard rocket, which made a historic landing Tuesday, courtesy of Blue Origin.


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  • NewDCFan

    This is why i don’t like musk. he should just focus on his engineering losing companies. there is a reason why his engineers are leaving