Redesigned Google+ turns attention to users’ interests

Four years after its introduction, Google’s social network is still trying to figure out what it wants to be. It’s moving away from trying to be like Facebook. Instead, the new Google+ seems to be channeling Reddit and Pinterest.

Google+ is shifting its focus to Communities and Collections, Google announced in a blog post Tuesday. The redesign comes after the company in March split off the Photos and Streams part of the social network, then in July dropped the requirement that all Google users sign up for a Google+ account.

The company says the move is a response to what proved to be popular on the service. Communities averages 1.2 million “new joins per day,” according to the blog post, which mentions a community made up of nonfiction lovers. Collections are where “people around the world are spending their time discovering and sharing things they love,” the company said, pointing to a collection about antique watch repair that has more than 40,000 followers.


Above: Screenshot of Collections in the redesigned Google+.


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