Sean Parker donates $10 million to create autoimmune research lab at UCSF

Next on Sean Parker’s to-do list: Find new ways to treat diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis.

The Parker Foundation is putting up $10 million to create an autoimmune research lab at University of California San Francisco that will bear the name of the Napster co-founder and early Facebook president. The hope is that work done there will lead to lower-cost treatments for autoimmune diseases, whose incidence has been on the rise, according to the National Institutes of Health.

It’s Parker’s second gift to UCSF this year. In June, he gave $4.5 million to the school’s malaria-elimination initiative. Last year, he donated $24 million to Stanford for allergy research.

Also in June, as reported on SiliconBeat, Parker formally launched the Sean N. Parker Foundation, which will approach philanthropy like a tech startup.

“Taking risks, putting resources behind things, that’s antithetical to the philanthropic community’s philosophy,” Parker told SiliconBeat. He said time is of the essence: “The world’s problems are urgent and pressing and they are changing faster than ever.”

Forbes estimates Parker’s wealth at $2.5 billion.


Photo: Sean Parker, tech entrepreneur and philanthropist. (AFP/Getty Images)


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