Bagel disrupts ARM CEO’s keynote

A fire alarm forced ARM CEO Simon Segars to interrupt his keynote speech and flee the Santa Clara Convention Center Wednesday along with a crowd of analysts and developers.

The cause apparently was a burning bagel that set off a smoke alarm.

Segars was in the midst of a talk on the Internet of Things at ARM’s annual TechCon conference, when an evacuation order was given over a public address system. He joined the crowd outside outside until an all clear was sounded.

Before he resumed his talk, Segars thanked the crowd for evacuating the room quickly.

“My father was a fireman and he drilled into me an appreciation of the need to do something when these alarms go off,” he said.

Segars was speaking at the British chip designer’s 25th anniversary conference, which focused on security in the IoT. The company licenses its low-power chip designs to enterprises – the most famous being Apple, which uses ARM designs in its iPhone.

He noted how sharply technology costs have dropped over that span – a drop that has made an IoT world a possibility.

Twenty-five years ago, a smartphone would have cost $3.56 million, he said. A RadioShack advertisement from that era featured dozens of gadgets – music players, cameras, calculators – that are now all in a single smartphone.

Segars said new connected “ecosystems” of devices must be developed for a world in which there are perhaps “3 degrees of separation between anything you might own.”

“We are heading toward an Internet of connected things,” he said, offering examples from medical and automotive industries.

Security must be embedded in systems, he said.”You are not going be downloading anti-malware to your smartphone.”

The conference continues through Thursday.

Photo: ARM TechCon logo (ARM)


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  • RegularGuy55

    Will the ‘Internet of Things’ include ‘smart’ toasters that don’t burn bagels?