Is this the beginning of Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo turnaround?

As it approaches its post-Alibaba life, Yahoo is deciding what it wants to be, including which business units to close and sell, as well as what Yahoo’s core business should be, Recode reports.

For its new strategic plan, the company has brought in McKinsey & Co. to evaluate its business. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has asked top executives to make a three-to-five year commitment to the firm, according to Recode.

At a recent event in San Francisco for employees, Yahoo unveiled a new initiative called Project Index, a mobile one-stop for search, Recode said.

The effort comes as Yahoo prepares to spin off its 15 percent in the Chinese Internet firm, a move that has been delayed, as Fortune reported.

Pressure has been on Mayer to turn around Yahoo, which she took over as CEO more than three years ago. Yahoo recently announced a search and advertising deal with Google, as Matt O’Brien wrote in the Mercury News.

Above: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer speaks at the company’s first mobile developer conference on Thursday, Feb.19, 2015. (John Green/Bay Area News Group)


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  • madmilker

    If Ms Mayer was sitting on the Wal*Mart Board before being appointed the CEO of Yahoo..

    and Lee Scott retired from the Wal*Mart Board and today sits on the Yahoo Board..


    [….BENTONVILLE, Ark., Sept. 30, 2013 – Walmart today announced that Kathleen McLaughlin, 48, has been named president of the Walmart Foundation, effective October 15. In addition to leading corporate giving, she will have responsibility for the company’s global sustainability, women’s economic empowerment and healthier food initiatives. McLaughlin, previously a senior partner at global consulting firm McKinsey & Company, is a dual American-Canadian citizen and was based in Toronto…..]


    who had the idea?

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