Google, Amazon, Walmart, GoPro join drone task force for FAA

Google, Amazon, GoPro, Walmart, Best Buy, and Berkeley drone maker 3DRobotics are helping to draft new rules for registering drones with the federal government.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Thursday the people who will be sitting on a new task force that is supposed to recommend what requirements drone operators will need to meet to fly their aircraft in U.S. airspace.

Dave Vos, who heads up Google’s Project Wing drone delivery venture, which now falls under the direction of parent company Alphabet, will co-chair the group alongside FAA official Earl Lawrence.

The task force will meet next week and has a deadline of Nov. 20 to make their recommendations. Google and Amazon, as they work on building and testing their drone delivery fleets, have already been working with NASA on plans for a drone traffic control system.

Walmart is also now seeking to test drones for home delivery, as Reuters recently reported.

The public can comment by Nov. 6, if you can get past the title that only the federal government could give such a process: “Clarification of the Applicability of Aircraft Registration Requirements for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Request for Information Regarding Electronic Registration for UAS.”

Above: Google presented this visual to NASA this year showing its vision for an automated air traffic control system for drones that relies on cell phone networks, sensors, drone-to-drone communications and other technology to track the vehicles and keep them from crashing into one another.


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