AT&T update: We won’t throttle your ‘unlimited data’ connection till you hit 22 GB

If you’re a longtime AT&T customer, you can breathe a little easier when you use your smartphone. The company has upped the limit on your “unlimited” data plan.

AT&T’s supposed all-you-can-eat buffet used to cut you off — as in throttle your speed — after a 5 GB helping, but now you can pile 22 GB on your plate before your connection slows to a crawl. The company says the throttling will occur only when the network is congested.

The nation’s second-largest wireless carrier no longer offers unlimited data plans, but many longtime customers are still hanging on to their old plans.

In June, the Federal Communications Commission fined AT&T $100 million — the largest fine the agency has ever imposed — accusing it of misleading customers into thinking they were signing up for unlimited plans, then throttling their speeds once they used a certain amount of data. AT&T is disputing the fine. AT&T is also fighting a lawsuit brought by the Federal Trade Commission last year over similar charges: deceptive advertising, then throttling.

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Photo of mobile phones served by the AT&T wireless network from AT&T’s website


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  • altizar

    I’d immediately hit them with a 220 Million fine. And leave them a note, you just don’t get it about “unlimited” . . .

  • bruce0712

    Still poor service is outlying areas of the San Francisco Bay Area, T needs to resolve these problems to regain market share from Verizon. These are relatively wealthy communities for the most part and T is losing a lot of potential in such areas.