A smart sports bra with an Intel chip inside makes debut at New York Fashion Week

Next in sportswear — an iBra?

Trendy sportswear designer Chromat is showing off a smart sports bra, powered by an Intel chip, that changes shape to fit the wearer’s breasts and opens vents to cool things off when the temperature exceeds desirable levels.

The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra is one of two “responsive garments” Intel and Chromat unveiled during New York Fashion Week that change shape to make the wearer more comfortable. The other is a shape-shifting dress.

The bra is powered by the Intel Curie Module, a tiny bit of hardware created by the Santa Clara chip company that designers can use to add intelligence to all sorts of apparel, from clothing to rings, handbags and fitness trackers, according to Ayse Ildeniz, vice president of Intel’s the new-devices group.

“The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra leverages shape memory alloy to open vents when it senses heat and sweat in order to cool down the body,” Ildeniz wrote in an Intel blog post. She added that “the sports bra can respond to changes in perspiration, respiration and body temperature to open or close vents in order to cool (or warm) the wearer.”

But there’s more — a dress that customizes itself to the wearer’s needs.

Chromat’s expanding Adrenaline Dress is created from 3-D printed panels on a carbon fiber framework and expands into an hourglass shape based on the wearer’s adrenaline levels, according to Intel.

There’s plenty of time to get used to the idea of clothes that sort of wear you — the Curie Module has not yet been authorized for sale by the Federal Communications Commission, and the two wearables won’t hit store shelves until approval is granted.

The Curie Module uses Intel’s power-sipping Quark chip that the chip company says is good for “always on” activities involving health and wellness and sports. The module was announced in August, and the new bra and dress were unveiled during New York Fashion Week, which runs Sept. 10 to 17.

Photo: Models prepare backstage during the Chromat featuring Intel Collaboration dress rehearsal at Milk Studios on Sept. 11, 2015 in New York City. (Daniel C. Sims/Getty Images for Chromat)


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  • UglyStuff

    In fact, the iBra already exists: http://s28.postimg.org/bc1xbjfzx/CDIui2n_WYAAM54n.jpg


    (For those not in the know, the guy in the pic is Zlatan iBRAhimovic, the Swedish forward of the French PSG soccer team).

  • Makikiguy

    Why not just take the bra off??