Josh Miller’s next stop: the White House

Josh Miller, the co-founder of Branch, appears to be on the fast track to somewhere.

Next stop, the White House, as its first director of product, as he announced on his personal blog.

Last year, the Princeton dropout, now 24, sold communications platform Branch, which had backing from Twitter co-founders, for $15 million to Facebook. Branch allows groups of people to hold discussions. He then went to work for the social networking giant, as TechCrunch reports.

But in 2013, before Miller was working at Facebook, he attacked, the issues advocacy group founded by Mark Zuckerberg. He was concerned by’s lobbying efforts for immigration reform, as he wrote in BuzzFeed.

He told me then: “I’m worried we have fallen too far on the side of let’s do anything to get this one thing passed. It’s misleading to drive folks to donate for something if you don’t believe in that stance.”

Now at the White House, Miller plans to expand on current White House digital products, which include to the We the People Petition site:

My plan is to lean on the product ideals that I learned during the last four years building Branch and working at Facebook. Wouldn’t it be great if your government had a conversation with you instead of just talking at you? . . . Imagine if talking to the government was as easy as talking to your friends on social networks?

Above: Josh Miller at the White House (Screen grab from his personal blog)


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