Ahhh … the sweet if brief silence of an ad-free Pandora

No more (at least for one beautiful day) of this:


For 24 glorious hours, starting 12 am EST on Sept. 9, I can listen to my Pandora app without wanting to intermittently throw my phone out my car window.

Thank you, Pandora, for #LISTENERLOVEDAY, your generous gift to all of your loving listeners. What a nice gift: no ads all day long. For one day.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.13.48 AM

Remind us again, though, why we should love you so much for this gesture:

Pandora turns 10 next week, (September 9 to be exact) and, rather than celebrate alone, we want to celebrate with all of you. Our offices are just a bit too small to accommodate the nearly 80 million of you who tune in each month for an in-person party, so we decided to make September 9 Listener Love Day. What is this day you ask? Simply put, it is our gift to you. It’s a day of all music and zero ads as a thank you for listening and thumbing over the past decade.

OK, we get it. And we do appreciate it. Because we know how important sharing all that advertising with your listeners is to your bottom line. We explored your advertising page here. And we immediately realized not only how many different kinds of ads you sell to your sponsors (we had no idea!), but also much your business model depends on others hocking their wares to us in between songs.


Your Products & Specs page offers a veritable smorgasbord to ravenous advertisers:


Animated overlay!

Auto-play Video!

Banner + Skin!

And best of all, all those ads will be  “woven seamlessly into the individual listening experience.”

So happy birthday, Pandora. We’ll enjoy all that ad-free music and wish you many happy – and, of course, seamless – returns.

Photo: Deeba Yavrom/Bay Area News Group archives


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