Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S P85D is so good it’s off the charts

If a rating of 103 out of 100 isn’t true love, we don’t know what is. Consumer Reports, which put the Model S at No. 1 on its Top 10 list two years in a row and last year gave it a 99, has just given the electric car another big, fat kiss. (Although it did have to lower the rating to a merely perfect 100.)

“Breaking: Tesla P85D is the best car we’ve tested in 80 years of testing cars,” the magazine’s tweet, teasing to its article, reads. The hashtag? #carofthefuture.

The P85D, of course, is also known as the Model S with “insane mode.”

“The P85D is the quickest car we’ve ever tested, needing just 3.5 seconds to go from zero to 60 mph,” according to the review. “The only other approximate sensation to the P85D’s sudden jarring force is jumping off a building. That’s not hyperbole. That’s fact.”

Consumer Reports called the P85D an “automotive milepost,” and also praised the car’s handling and efficiency. But love isn’t blind, though. Among other things, the magazine notes that Tesla is still a new company with a not-so-robust service network; that the Model S interior isn’t as opulent as that of other luxury cars; that drivers must carefully plan when going on long trips in an electric car. Oh, and the model starts at more than $100,000.

Consumer Reports isn’t the only one carrying a torch for Tesla’s Model S. Motor Trend, Time and other publications have bestowed honors upon it. As for customer satisfaction, Consumer Reports said in December that the car has a 98 percent approval rating and referred to its “rabid following,” and its review of the P85D model also gave the car a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating.


Photo: A Tesla Model S P85D. (Courtesy of Tesla)


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  • NCIC

    Hey, I’m one of the 98% “rabid” owners!! It really is a great car!

    • long live tsla

      rabid is a horrible car ever gm made

  • Guest

    Consumer Reports is such a shill it’s off the charts. We really should get disclosure on stock ownership of employers that worked on this “review”. Why do people fall for this obvious stock manipulation ever single time?